Looking for advice on transfering - which school

Did well in High School, got into Northwestern University, flunked out (technically I can go back but I really can’t afford it) due in part to family issues and just me screwing up on a grand scale, looking to go to a public school in California so that I can get a degree and a better job, where should I go?

GPA in HS was ~3.6, SAT 2310, ACT 34, but GPA at NU was around 2.0, despite that I have enough credits to be a junior.

Spent the last year or so trying to get a good job (not many of those out there) and mostly working online (built a decently successful website) trying and failing to make a career out of that.

I really don’t know anything about the UC or Cal State systems (grew up in NY), looking for advice on where people think would be good to apply as a transfer student. So far I’ve been looking at San Jose, San Diego, and a few other Cal State schools, but I really have no sense of perspective on this issue.

Happy to provide more information if necessary.

Is a CC (community college) an option for you? A 2.0 likely won’t get you into any UC.

Edit: Also, are you sure you can pay for a UC of a CSU? Are you in state?

That’s going to be tough… UCs won’t take you with a 2.0. Not sure you can make up out of OOS courses. There are several CSUs that may take you - (Monterrey and Channel Islands among them).

I’d visit a local CC and CSU, transcript in hand and see what they say.

Research the community colleges. If you are OOS, you will pay OOS fees. The Cal states would also be difficult.

It is very difficult to gain instate residency status if you are coming to California for educational purposes.
The UC information for transfer can be accessed through the UC websitehttp://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/transfer/preparing-admission/minimum-requirements/index.html

For now, you would start at the CC’s.