Looking for advice on whether to transfer or not

<p>Hey everyone, I'm currently a freshman at Michigan State University majoring in economics. I am looking to get into a career in finance, specifically investment banking, somewhere in a bigger city. I came to MSU because I loved the campus and the environment, but I am now realizing this may not be the most conducive place to start my career - the recruiting here does not look good at all. This being my main priority, I was considering transferring to another school, such as UChicago, Wharton at UPenn or Ross/CoE at U of M (the first two I might stand a chance, the third would definitely be possible). These schools tend to do better on the recruiting end, as well as being closer to bigger cities. Should I apply to these places and transfer for fall 2012? </p>

<p>However... after finalizing my schedule for next semester, I found out I was already at junior status and would be able to double major. I'm considering taking on either mathematics or statistics in addition to economics, or perhaps just switching to finance and mathematics. Would doing either of those be better than just transferring to another school for grad school admissions (M.Fin, MBA), which is also something I eventually plan on doing?</p>