Looking for advice....

<p>I posted this earlier in the "Transfer Students" section. But I figured I could maybe find some better answers in this section since this technically a question about financial aid.</p>

<p>I am currently a college Freshman from Minnesota that is looking to transfer out of state for next fall. I am currently looking at Universities in Oregon, and Washington (Washington specifically). And as I am sure everyone knows, it is a lot more expensive to transfer out of state. At my current university (St.Cloud State) I pay around 20,000 (Tuition+Housing) for an academic year. I am currently thinking about applying to University of Washington Bothell and the tuition there would add up to around 34,000(Tuition+Housing) a year for three quarters of classes. </p>

<p>My problem is that I am not familiar with financial aid options and the limits on student loans. Obviously I don't want to get too far in debt, as I come from middle class background where my parents make around 85,000 per year. My name would be on the loans with them cosigning and this makes them very nervous, and I don't blame them. I really would like to attend the school, and I have friends who attend private schools in state that come from the same economic background as me, and they are able to afford school through aid. </p>

<p>My question is basically, how flexible is financial aid? Are there limits on what you can loan? and obviously there boundary's on what you SHOULD take out, but how much is too much? Again, I really would like to attend this school (if I am accepted, which I should be). I just want to know if it is realistic for me to figure this out financially without getting in over my head and being so deep in debt as an adult that it gets to be too much to handle. I am also trying to figure out whether I should even approach my parents with this or not.</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks</p>

<p>My free advice would to stay where you are and look to getting a masters out of state. Your financial aid, especially as a transfer, will likely be all loans with very much higher costs than what you are paying now. Don't forget to include housing/food and transportation from your home state in your costs too.</p>

<p>Limits on what can be borrowed (with cosigners) are determined by the banks. Most posters on this forum feel going over the stafford level max ($27K) is a bad idea. Like Thumper I would recommend staying in-state for UG.</p>