Looking for an apartment/room at University of Chicago for the summer

<p>My son is planning to do some research work at University of Chicago and will need to look for an apartment or a finished room near the campus (or near the Neurology Department building) during the summer (June through mid of August). If you have a room available during this time, could you please contact me via private message on CC? Thanks!!</p>


<p>You might check with International House at UC or contact Associated Colleges of the Midwest to see whether summer rentals might be available. My son did the ACM urban studies program fall semester and lived in an apt. in Hyde Park that was well-located for your purposes. When he got a summer job the following summer he was able to rent from them for a very reasonable cost and also able to get a fellow student some summer housing as well. ACM maintains apartments in several Chicago neighborhoods and at least 2 are in Hyde Park. You can find either above on Google. I don't know if prior affiliation with UC or ACM would be required but in any case they might be able to offer leads to other options as well.</p>

<p>My son stayed at the International House when he did a summer internship a couple of years ago.</p>