Looking for any information

Hello, I am fairly new to the board here and have just been introduced to Otterbein as a potential for my son. He is a junior in high school and he wants to me a MT major. Heard from several people he should look into Otterbein, but they don’t seem to know much other than it has a great reputation for musicals, and music. Wondering about the process and the school itself. We are from southern VT so we don’t know much outside of NY, NJ or New England. Thank you!!

I can’t speak specifics of the school or program itself. But it does have a great reputation and highly regarded MT program. It is one of the schools that you submit your prescreens first and if accepted THEN apply to the University. The school is just outside (10-15min) of Columbus, which is a large, fast growing city. (home of The Ohio State University). So there are a lot of things close by.

A CC poster called @gatorbridget has a child at Otterbein. I don’t know if she still checks the CC forums, but I’m tagging her in hopes that she sees this and can answer your questions!

Thank you @actorparent1, we found each other and she was able to answer many of my questions.