Looking for any suggestions

<p>I am currently a Freshman at Penn State UPark, its been OK so far but I don't feel like I am enjoying it as much as I would like. Also the cold weather has gotten old very fast, and I would like to go to a school with better weather. Everyday I walk to class I am reminded how much I hate the cold. I<code>m just worried that I would end up going to a school that is not as good academically as it is here and it would be a bad choice to leave for that reason. Also price is a concern, I</code>d be going out of state since I am from PA. I am definitely going to finish out the year and give it another chance next semester, but I have been bouncing around the idea of leaving, just not sure where. I would like to go to a big school, and major in business. Some places I was thinking about were U of South Carolina, Clemson, UF, UGA, places like that. My H.S. GPA was 4.1 and my college GPA will be around 3.5. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>I'm planning on going to PSU if my other two choices for transfer doesnt work out. What dont you like about it? I don't want to go if it's a bad choice.</p>

<p>For me a big thing was that I am just tired of the cold weather, but some people like that. There are also a ton of people from my High School that come to school here and I really would like to just get away from that and just do my own thing and get away more. It`s not that i don't like it here, I just feel I may enjoy myself more somewhere else. You should definitely still check it out though.</p>

<p>Yeah i feel the same way too. I'm also from PA so i know how you feel from all the people from your high school going there. Thats why i choose to come to nyc.</p>

<p>Yeah, Im just worried if I leave I may regret it. Its not that I completely don<code>t like it here, I just feel like I</code>m not getting the full college experience and I think I may like it better if I just went away on my own somewhere. There are days I wonder 'what if' so that's been eating at me lately. Why are you leaving where your at now?</p>

<p>Georgia Tech, Emory, UT Austin, U Maryland, U Richmond, Is going out west an option?</p>

<p>Going out west would probably be too much $$, but I guess it could be an option.</p>

<p>i'm leaving cause i'm not happy where i am. It's just too small of a school.</p>