Looking for best neuroscience schools

<p>I know lots of great schools have neuroscience majors, but I am wondering which schools have the best neuroscience program, not just the best school that happens to have neuroscience. I am looking at neuroscience, neurobiology, cognitive sciences, but not psychology. I am interested in neurological diseases/disorders/aging research, etc, not in why people make the decisions they do.</p>

<p>If this isn't the right board for this topic, please let me know where to post this.</p>

<p>In another thread they said:
"MIT, Pomona, Northwestern, UPenn, Duke, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins."
"JHU MIT Duke Penn Stanford Brown Dartmouth UCSD Cornell Chicago Northwestern USC Amherst"</p>

<p>Also search threat: Best Neuroscience Programs?</p>

<p>NYU has an excellent Neuroscience department.</p>

<p>I'm finding a bunch of threads, but most of the rankings are fairly old and again, I'm looking for the best program, not just the best schools. Thanks!</p>

<p>This is not at all related to your post, but I must say it. :)</p>

<p>I LOVE your name. Because I am sMITten as well. </p>

<p>Some of the best Neuroscience programs just happen to be at some of the "best" schools--funding, maybe? Neuro is a bit more esoteric than some of your other majors. I would say the others are right on some--MIT, Harvard, and Stanford are probably some of your best bets, but then also places like UT Austin (one of the best natural sciences and pre-med programs, and the UT Health Science Center to boot). If you are interested in the neurological side of neuro, which it sounds like you are, try any place with good programs in pre-med, since they would tend to emphasize those things. Personally, I am also going to be a neuroscience major, but my interests within the field are different--perception, cognition, emergence, AI, neurological bases for behavior and sociology, etc.--so my choices for schools would probably differ. But the few I've given you and the ones in the other posts on this page ARE good places to start.</p>

<p>that is really the kind of thing people would concentrate on in graduate or medical school. Are you planning on going to grad or med school or getting a job right out of college? If the former, you might want to look at the best schools with strong overall science programs and focus on that specific area of study in grad school</p>

<p>Rhodes is one of the very few LACs with a neuroscience major. Just something to think about if that type of environment suits you better than a university setting.</p>

<p>Northwestern, Duke, JHU.</p>