Looking for career counselor for my daughter

I am looking for somebody to help my daughter with her career planning. She needs packaging, somebody to spruce up her resume, help her with her interview skills, and help her decide what type of job would best suit her at this point in her career. She is 5 years out of college and on her second job. She used her college career center in the past (they really are excellent), but I feel like what she needs now is beyond their realm. With the world of everything being done remotely, I guess this person can be anywhere.

Her current field is analytics and she has a math/econ degree. She had some management experience in the past. Her last job search was difficult (took a long time and she settled on this current job because of the pandemic).

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Is she on LinkedIn? Some resources there.
Have you checked the regional “workforce development” organization? They have webinars and coaches.

An example, online session coming up. Would have list of employers.

Here are other sessions on interviewing, elevator pitch, LinkedIn, etc.

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@kiddie My D is also looking for career planning help. She is 4 years out of college and has been at the same company doing website implementation since graduating. Her degree is communications. She is going to start with the career center at her university that is specifically for alumni, but she is also open to finding a career coach to help. I would love to hear suggestions from others on this forum. D has been working on her Linkedin account and is setting up a meeting with a family friend (woman) to get some mentoring.

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