Looking for Carry-On Suitcase Ideas

Lipault luggage is foldable, even though it is 22 in, when it is not full you can just make it smaller. There were many times at check in when they have asked me to put my carry on into their box to make sure it meets their requirement, and every time it passed. The luggage is made of durable nylon, so it is waterproof.

Durable nylon often is NOT waterproof. We have nylon luggage and every once in awhile have had slightly to very damp items in the suitcase when it gets wet in transit.

I like the look of your suitcase. Does the folding make it more like 20-21 inch long? Some airlines are very strict about length, too. I think I will get this one for SIL:


I like that one BB!

Not a suitcase- but this was recommended from a group of CC friends a year ago for my S who was traveling and wanted the option of keeping a suit and shirt in good condition. He has used it many times and loves it. http://www.wayfair.com/U.S.-Traveler-Ballistic-Nylon-Tri-fold-Carry-On-Garment-Bag-GP17517K-UTR1011.html

I flew about 30 flights this year and most were sold out or very full. In almost every flight, (UA, DL, Jetblue), the gate agents were nearly forcing you to check your roller carryon for free. I noticed that most young men used backpacks, duffle bags and messenger plus backpacks.

The non-roller backpack has a number of advantages:

  • More room inside (no wheel hardware taking up space).
  • Lighter (does not consume as much of the 7kg limit on some foreign airlines). However, one has to be careful with how much stuff one puts in if airline weight limits are a concern.
  • Somewhat squishy in case of bins that are just slightly too small.
  • Not as prone to being targeted for gate checking or weight enforcement as roller bags.

BB - I think the one I have is the one you are showing. I took it with me on a one week business trip.

I dragged it around NYC in a pouring rain few nights ago, and everything in my bag were completely dry when I got home.

I use the bag every weekend, and the wheels are still perfectly intact.

LL Bean duffles on wheels are amazing, store quite flat (unlike rolling suitcase types of carry on luggage) and come in several sizes. Ours, at least 10 years old, still look nearly new even though they have literally been around the world many times and taken a lot of abuse between being stuffed to the gills and being tossed around by airlines. Also, they are relatively light so your weight limit flying doesn’t get eaten up by your luggage. You can get them monogrammed, and if it doesn’t hold up for you, return it satisfaction guaranteed.

Thanks, @oldfort! Perfect. I’ll get kids the purple ones… Go Dawgs. :wink:

I’m loving my Rick Steves bag. https://store.ricksteves.com/shop/p/rolling-carry-on
It is small enough to travel internationally and also has a zipper expansion to make it a bit bigger when I use it for a quick weekend trip. He also has a similar bag that can also be carried as a backpack. I like that the wheels aren’t an inch or two below the bag, which counts in the airline measurements. An added bonus is 20% off for the next few weeks!

I think the travelpro bookworm referred to is what I have. I use it as a rolling briefcase as well as a carry-on. Briggs and Riley is also a nice brand. I think luggage is personal / subjective in feel - I’d go to a specialty luggage store and look at different options.

We just got new carry-on luggage–bought the Rimwa Salsa Cabin Multiwheel. I got it at a luggage store and the sales person was the one who steered me in that direction. My D has Briggs and Riley luggage and likes it very much. I had a Tumi carry-on that’s over 20 years old (I don’t travel weekly or anything like that, but usually 8-10 times a year) and it was showing signs of wear. The sales person thought the quality of Tumi had gone done in recent years and steered me toward Rimwa. Not sure if she’s correct, but I do like what I got.

Careful with the Rimwa cabin luggage. Some of them exceed the 22" length x 14" width x 9" usa size limits.

I’m thinking of getting my DD a carr-on bag for Christmas that will work for her to travel around with during her study abroad. Debating between the two Rick Steves bags but don’t know whether to go for the backpack one with wheels or just the plain wheeled one. Any thoughts?

Again, I think luggage is SO subjective only your D can answer. It’s rather like buying a handbag for a woman – everyone will have her own subjective preferences and preferred feel.

Backpacks with wheels are not that practical, IMO. I would not put one on my back after dragging it through a dirty airport parking lot.

Luggage is indeed extremely personal, IMHO. It’s really hard to KNOW that a loved one will find the bag you gift perfect for his/her needs. Our S is best at finding bags that suit him. D is happy with hand-me-downs when we upgrate and buy newer bags, she finds one that we are no longer using and makes it hers. It has worked well for us. To us, wallets are also rather personal and hard to buy for others. H still has one I bought him eons ago and won’t replace it until it is literally falling apart.

If the loved one has not owned a decent piece and has no money to buy one… :slight_smile:

Yes, but the loved one may have used suitcases and have some ideas of what s/he wants/doesn’t want. The luggage at Ross, TJMaxx, Nordstrom’s Rack, and sometimes on sale at Macy’s, Overstock and other places can give you a lot of options and varying price points. It’s helpful for the person who will be using the luggage to weigh in on what they THINK would be nice to have.