Looking for Carry-On Suitcase Ideas

DS (27) needs a suitcase, so I’m thinking of using it as a Christmas gift idea. I’d like to find a wheeled carry-on. That type would probably be most useful for his weekend/quick trips. I’m wondering what brands/types of wheeled carry-ons to consider. Suggestions?

We have a wheeled carry-on Tumi that has held up well over the (25+) years…even when DH was traveling almost weekly. However they are pretty expensive.

I hope you don’t mind my suggesting a non-wheeled carry-on. We find ourselves using our Osprey 46 Travel Backpack the most now. For people who are physically capable, it is a well-made bag.

Questions to consider:

Does he prefer wheeled or nonwheeled backpack? If wheeled, two or four wheels? Is weight a consideration for foreign airlines with small hand baggage weight limits?

I saw this bag while doing a little online Christmas shopping and thought it looked awesome…and the price is too
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Not sure its the look you are going for, but I give high marks to LL Bean’s duffles, both wheeled and unwheeled. Extremely sturdy and durable, and in the event you ever had issues, LL Bean’s customer service and return policy is top notch, no questions asked.

Eagle creek makes a nice lightweight 22" carryon. It’s 2 wheels and wights under 9 lbs. It has a very nice zippered compartment.

So many choices!! He doesn’t know what he wants and I’m quite indecisive as well. He uses an old one he found in our basement or his sports bag and just throws it over his shoulder. I have a 4-wheeled hard-side carry-on that I really like…not sure it’s the best choice for a young man.

I love my Timbuktu carry on. Love is probably an understatement. I travel a fair amount and it’s been great. They are on the pricier end, but they have good sales.

I would want to see something in person especially if you’re feeling clueless. Once you have your hands on them physically (where are the zippers/pockets? How easily does it move? How good is the retractable handle? How much does it weigh in hand?? How is the inside space - any zippered pouches? All that business.

I would go somewhere you can see several brands physically. I personally am a big fan of checking out TJ Maxx for luggage - many brands, ranges of prices, etc.

I bought this a year I go. It is very light and can carry up to a week worth of clothing. It is made of nylon and very durable. I bought this at a discount on Gilt or Ruelala.

I agree that it’s nice to see and feel the piece of luggage before buying. I love places that have great return policies, like Costco with no Qs asked. So much is personal preference. We have some Delsey Helium bags (when it was top ranked); we got them at a Macy’s sale with coupon for about 1/3 of the MSR price. We have since also purchased Briggs & Riley bags from Costco at closeout prices, also 1/3 of MSR price. D has settled on one of our old Delsey bags and we alternate between the Delsey & B&R pieces. S loves his B&R piece that he bought in black.

Before this, we had assorted luggage we had acquired from JC Penneys that had two wheels and you could, gasp, bring on the plane with you. Our current luggage can either be brought with us on most flights or checked.

The nice thing about buying from Costco is if the luggage is damaged and you can’t get satisfaction from the airlines, you can always take the bag back to Costco for full refund.

Ross also has some luggage, tho selection varies. Nordstrom’s Racks also has luggage. I believe Ross has the lowest prices of between TJ, NR & Ross.

I have bought several bags from eBags and have been very happy both with the bags and the customer service. They carry all the major brands and also their own eBags line. We have several models of the eBags TLS MotherLode collection and they are holding up fabulously. One time a wheel came loose after checking the bag. I called and they sent a replacement kit out right away. Apparently I didn’t follow the directions closely enough and managed to mess something up to the point that the wheel kit would no longer work. They immediately sent me a whole new bag at no cost. Can’t beat that! They offer free shipping and free returns, 110% price guarantee and are on ebates for a 10% rebate. I also like that they include very informative videos for their own brand bags so it’s very clear exactly how the different features work.

I haven’t read all the posts, but if you belong to REI, their 20% off one full priced item and 1 rei outlet item coupon ends today. May be a chance to get a discount. They have lots of bags.

Look on eBay for Travelpro National geographic kontiki 22 roll aboard, $70.00. (I couldn’t get exact link, but type those words and you will see the graphic).

I live near Travelpro store, and a few times a year they have a warehouse sale. This bag was made by Travelpro for national geographic . It looks vintage, with the lining and real leather trim. I bought this and the 26" rolling duffel for cousin’s son. I paid $50 for the carry on, but then cousin mailed it.

Travelpro,has on on line site, which sells a deep discount. The navy spinner is nice. Shipping is free.

I find no one in my family wants black. I got cousin’s daughter 5 pieces in dark blue, all the light weight type.

We got the Eagle Creek from REI!

While 22 will do in the US, some international carriers have rules that would not let suitcases larger than 21 into the cabin. And that includes wheels! Just making sure you are aware of this.

I get my luggage at TJMaxx or Marshalls, too. I just picked up a carry on Samsonite bag (not with wheels as that is not what I needed) for $20. They had lots of different styles and sizes.

TJMaxx often carries Tumi. Their prices are very reasonable, but it is a treasure hunt.

Also, check Nordstrom Rack if there is one nearby. Last time I stopped by our store, there was a large selection of B&R and Tumi.

I have a Travelpro which I love. My husband, DD, and DS all have Swiss Gear carryon bags which they really like a lot. They sell them at Target.