looking for colleges not requiring teacher recs

<p>ok, we need one more college. does anyone know of any who do not require teacher recommendations, because we don't want to bother going through the whole process again. D looking at chem engr. thanks.</p>

<p>Penn state doesnt require teacher recommendations...that's the only school that I know of that doesnt.</p>

<p>All the campuses of the University of California do not require recs. In fact they won't accept or consider them if for some reason you sent them anyway.</p>

<p>I dont think Indiana looks at them.</p>

<p>Rutgers (unless you want their Honors College or some scholarships)</p>


<p>If your D looking at engineering school not requiring teacher recs., Two school for you #33 Engineering Case western in OH and #6 Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology in GA. When you apply GT, you only need self reported academic record and personal essay.</p>

<p>U of Miami, William and Mary.</p>