Looking for constructive criticism

[<em>] SAT I (breakdown): awaiting results
[</em>] SAT I superscore (breakdown): NA
[<em>] ACT (breakdown): 34. 34 E, 34 M, 32 R, 35 S
[</em>] ACT superscore (breakdown): 35, 34 E, 35 M, 34 R, 35 S
[<em>] SAT II: math II: 800, U.S. history 750(forgot to answer 8 questions) chem. 730
[</em>] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.8
[<em>] Weighted GPA: 4.56 (#1 has ~ 4.65)
[</em>] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 4/760
[<em>] AP (place score in parentheses): AP U.S (5). AP Eng Lang (5), AP Psych (4), AP Spanish (4), AP chem (4), AP calc BC (5) subscore (5), AP Euro (5).
[</em>] IB (place score in parentheses):
[<em>] Senior Year Course Load: Multivariable Calculus (college), AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Stats, AP Eng Lit, (graduation rqs- consumer ed, gym, ceramics) Office Aide, AP Bio Lab Aide
[</em>] Number of other EA applicants in your school: don’t know
[li] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):[/ul] Questbridge college prep award, AP Scholar with Distinction, </p>[/li]
[<em>] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parentheses): Math team 9-present, won awards in regionals/state competitions(no leadership positions available), Scholatic Bowl 3 years, Key Club 3 years (President), Track 9,11, Volleyball 9,11. 29-0 JV 2011 season,
[</em>] Job/Work Experience: Paid intern (project management, web designing), Kumon Math and Reading Center (Summer 2011 – present)
[li] Volunteer/Community service:[/ul] Local Mosque, through Key Club, Tutoring, Tzu Chi Bhuddist Organization, other seasonal volunteer opportunities, family responsibilities </p>[/li]
[<em>] State (if domestic applicant): IL
[</em>] School Type: Public
[<em>] Ethnicity: Asian (Pakistani)
[</em>] Gender: Male
[<em>] Income Bracket: <50,0000
[</em>] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):[/ul] Immigrant, moved here in 5th grade. Family of 9, rent home, tough economic situation. </p>

[<em>] Strengths: good test scores, Rigorous course load (only kid at my school with this many APs) , tough economic situation
[</em>] Weaknesses: Some B’s, nothing extraordinary in EC I guess
[li] What would you have done differently?:[/ul]<br>[/li]Questbridge Essays for National College Match:
1st one an narration of my life. Starts with me in Pakistan and then chronologically describes the hardships I’ve faced, but there is humor and the overall tone is positive. Has an overall theme though, so it’s pretty solid.
2nd is about discrimination with some humorous anecdotal evidence
3rd starts with a descriptive day during summer, which transitions into my family responsibilities, which are around 20 hrs/ week
AP Bio, Ap Eng Lang, Ap U.S teachers
Basically, besides chancing me, I would like some request as to how I can improve my chances, through it’s a bit late in the game. I’m applying to this college through the National College Match through Questbridge, but any advice on Regular Decision would also help.</p>

<p>I am not familiar to the Quaterbridge award system so it is hard for me to make a comment or chance you. But I am sure you also applied for the UofC CPS scholarships. Congratulations for your achievements, a super student all around. We would like to know if you either succeeded in QB or CPS contest and perhaps become the first one on CC who does that.</p>

<p>One of the thing I shall say, you are not URM at all. Plenty of students from India-Pakistan descent. I saw them at the convocation, all over the place.</p>

<p>I don’t believe I listed myself as a URM. The URM that preceeded the colon “:” was just an example of things to list following the colon. </p>

<p>Out of curiousity, does it matter what region of India-Pakistan you are from? I’m from Northwest Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. I do mention this in my essay, as that regions is the most volatile and is probably the least represented. Will the admission people consider this or does it not matter at all?</p>

<p>No, I don’t believe which region you are from, you are an Asian student from US HS. that is all you are being labled.</p>

<p>Make sure you write a killer essay, short but to the point.</p>

<p>Update: Update: I am a Questbridge finalist! I didn’t rank rank U of C, but will be applying Regular Decision. I don’t know how much weight the QB finalist status carries. Any of you know of previous QB applicants?</p>


<p>I know there are QB recipients in U of C and I wish you will be one as well. But, I don’t know the details, nevertheless.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>