Looking for dorm roommate(s) at UC Berkeley

<p>I and my friend are transferring to UC Berkeley next year from Diablo Valley College. We are trying to figure out what dorm we want. We are roommating together.</p>

<p>We personally checked out all the dorms to see what we liked - and Foothill really left an impression on us. We like it because:</p>

<li>Close to our engineering classes (we are both engineering students)</li>
<li>Supposed to be a more quite dorm than others (less partying)</li>
<li>Pretty darn nice</li>
<li>On-site food-hall</li>
<li>Stern next door ;p</li>

<p>We want the Foothill "quad room in suite", provided we can find someone to roommate with. We don't want to leave our roommates to chance..</p>

<p>So, if your interested in roommatting with us, let me know right away. We are both very friendly people. Juniors. I am an EECS student. We are looking for one or two people who are 1) drug free 2) don't smoke 3) don't drink (at all or only a little). If you fall under these categories, your perfect. Of course we also fall under these categories. We are also very studious, but we like to have fun</p>

<p>We are also considering the Substance Free Environment dorm. It's not as nice.. but we think the environment might be geared more towards us. We're just looking for a dorm where we can have a good night's sleep before an exam the next day</p>

<p>Everything sounded good until:</p>

<p>"1) drug free 2) don't smoke 3) don't drink (at all or only a little)."</p>

<p>I'm enjoying a dram of Balvenie 12y Doublewood and a Rocky Patel Vintage 92 as I type lol. I guess I'm out of the running...</p>

<p>^ lol at the term dram...who are you colonel mustard?</p>

<p>Yes, I said dram. Learn your scotch terminology ma'am!</p>

<p>@Atlanta101: Hit up Whelan's Smoke Shop on Bancroft for Rocky Patels, take the Whiskey DeCal (Celtic Studies 198), and live in Unit 1 or 2 ....I lived in Unit 1 Cheney Hall and loved it ...it's close to campus, Crossroads, and frat row... Foothill looks nice, but is super secluded and North Side is boring-ish</p>

<p>I never found it hard to study in my room there ...it's not like everyone is moving in with a giant sound system that they plan to play every night... the Units have more people per floor and provide that authentic dorm experience ...lots of friends to be made ...Foothill's layout is less conducive to socializing, but I'm sure it's not impossible to have a good time there as well</p>