Looking for feedback on UMass schools

I’m trying to learn more about the different campuses in the UMass system (e.g., Salem, Lowell). My niece doesn’t quite have the grades/SAT scores for UMass at Amherst, so I’d appreciate any information about the other colleges in the system. Many thanks!

Hey Sadie, I posted this information on your other thread:

I was a TA at UMass Dartmouth for a short period of time, I’ve talked to students who were admitted with sub-2.0 GPAs. Even College board shows that they admit 36 percent of their students with GPAs ranging from 2.0-2.99. 25% of their admitted students were in the bottom half of their class. UMass Boston pretty similar, with 37% of their accepted students having highschool GPAs ranging from 2.0-2.99. If she has a close to 2.0GPA and she manages to pull up her standardized tests a bit, I’d say she’s a realistic candidate. Not a real competitive one, but at least she would be considered.

UMass Lowell has recently gotten pretty competitive, however I would still apply as their admission statistics look relatively similar to that of UMass Dartmouth and Boston. Good Luck!

It is too late to bring up the GPA but both UMass Amherst & UMass Lowell love a good SAT score. My son was accepted to both for 2013 with a 2.9 GPA but his SAT score was 1500/1600. So work on getting that SAT score up.