Looking for Fine Art Programs, industrial product design, furniture design. East coast

Looking for Fine Art Programs, industrial product design or furniture design in a traditional college setting rather than an Art School. preferably an urban or close access to urban. Average student with experience in welding, glass blowing and carpentry.
East coast.
Looking at SCAD and Pratt but lots of feedback on intensity and all nighters due to the quarters vs semesters. Not sure Art School Is the best fit.
Going to check out RIT, VCU and Univ of Cincinnati - any smaller programs you’d recommend.

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RISD? Or would you view that as an arts school?

Montclair State has a strong product design major.


And Montclair State also participates in National Student Exchange. Industrial/Product Design is a major where it can be hard to fit in a study abroad because there are so many required design studio classes that build on each other. But an exchange may be possible through NSE, because some of the participating schools offer the same major with the same or similar studio progression. With NSE, you only pay in-state tuition, and any financial aid also applies. There are about 200 participating schools across North America, and although only a few of these schools have Industrial/Product/Furniture design, some really good ones do including University of Minnesota, University Of Wisc Stout, and Western Washington University. National Student Exchange - Campuses / Location


Hmm, you already have Rochester Institute of Technology. Try

  • SUNY Buffalo State (NY) for furniture as well as a lot of metal stuff.
  • Cedarville (OH) for industrial & product design in a smaller school
  • Appalachian State isn’t small, but check it out for product design and metalsmith/jewelry work
  • Kean (NJ) for industrial & product design
  • Montclair State (NJ) as already mentioned
  • Syracuse (NY) - product design
  • Thomas Jefferson (PA ) - not quite as traditional a university, but perhaps sufficiently so for your son
  • U. of Bridgeport (CT) - this is one of the smallest schools I’ve seen with industrial/production design as a major with double digits of students graduating in a year. I don’t see it accredited by NASAD or in the IDSA directory, but if this school is of interest, reach out to the department to learn more and see about the graduates’ outcomes.
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA) - again, for industrial/product design

RISDI I consider an Arts School - he loves it but it’s very competitive.

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I see RIT on your list. They are very impressive in these areas and the positioning of the design work is in the heart of campus in a very unique way.