Looking for good SAT prep in DC/northern VA

<p>I am trying to locate a good SAT prep course for my rising junior daughter. My S1 prepped with Honors prep as a junior but daughter doesn't have the GPA requirement(she's around a 3.1). Her PSAT's were within 85th percentile, so I'm hoping to find a prep course that will help her reach her full potential. Any ideas? Hoping for something better than the common chains. Looking at Jan. in order to take March SAT.</p>

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<p>Is Honors prep a reliable SAT prep program?
Anyone tried Capital Educators?</p>

<p>Have her self prepare for a late Spring test, check the results, evaluate the need for a tutor during the summer, and prepare for the Fall of 2012. Also consider the ACT.</p>

<p>check the percentiles scores for your target schools. She might be fine with a 85 percentile. Can S1 not help a bit? Hire him?</p>

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