Looking for Ideas

Starting early because this one’s going to be tough. Cousin’s son. Rising junior Very little money for college, $5-10k a year contribution from kid and family maybe, with $10k a stretch. Divorced parents with NCP remarried and $90kcombined income with kid’s stepparent and $200k home equity. . Custodial parent maybe $40k income with $80k home equity. No businesses involved. Parents did not go to college, nor did grandparents.

3.7 UW average, most rigorous courseload. in midrange school with few kids going private route. State U for the top kids usually. Will likely have APs in Global or World history ( just took exam) with APUSH on schedule for next year. Physics, CalcAB, English, Govt on schedule for senior year.

PSAT for 10th grade shows 650V, 730 Math if put in SAT form.

School clubs, no hooks, works part time and summers, good kid but high strung. Has had very little in academic or enrichment from home life.

UDelaware commuter looks like best bet right now but would like to see him in a boarding situation as his home life is not stable or supportive. Maybe Wilmington College

I’m thinking McDaniel, Duquesne, ManhattanCollege, Albright, Elizabethtown, StLawrence, Clarkson, but not seeing it without another $10k in from family for most of these. Small school is probably best bet. Needs a school where he’s up there in stats. Schools that guarantee to meet full need will be high reaches for him, possible that he gets need fully met from a school that practices enrollment management, wanting to “buy” those stats, male(favored at some LACs). Has no idea on academic focus. Fancies self good at math but isn’t particularly interested in doing the work for a STEM degree at this point. Preference for school within 4-6 hours or closer to home.

What about Ursinus College near Philadelphia? They have generous financial aid and merit grants.

I might look at all the Philadelphia options, as its closer than upstate NY for this student.

Being first generation college does give this student an edge. It sounds like a smaller environment might fit him.

Note the Ursinus College Abele Scholars are students from Delaware and a few other states,
who have EFC of $20K or less per year.

No doubt this kid would qualify for the Gateway scholarship (now $35k renewable for 4 years) at Ursinus, but I’m not sure the net price would approach the desired contribution stated above. Susquehanna would also offer excellent merit, as would Moravian College, but again maybe not quite the end result hoped for.

Look at West Chester Univ. Possible to commute there from Delaware, though they have dorms, too.

All good suggests noted. Should have had some atbtop of my head.

Im looking at SUNY Maritime, VMI too. An ROTC scholarship was a consideration but I don’t think so the direction he is going. Not sports oriented in the least and a host of minor medical issues with a streak of hypochondria makes it unlikely unless he changes drastically. In next year

Kid’s had a rough life. Both older siblings and parents dropped out of high school and made bad choices in life. He’s had to live in the fallout. But this is a family that would die on the sword than tell any one of the travails, much less write about them or let the GC in on the home environment. More the tendency to grab at any straw to make self and home life look much better.

With his background he might have a chance at Dickinson. I’ve seen them be very good with need based aid. Franklin & Marshall is too. I’m not sure how much the divorce will affect the finances at either. Washington & Jefferson doesn’t give 100% aid to everyone, but when they like a student, they can offer a terrific package.