looking for Musical Theatre program w fewer academic classes required

<p>Mom of High school senior that is NOT super academic, but does have extensive musical theatre high school training looking for BFA? or MT performance based program. We live in Seattle but are looking everywhere.</p>

<p>He is currently taking some college classes as a high school senior, but as he says is so done with academic classes (which are a struggle). Thinking some of his 35 college credits will transfer. Would love a school where he can also tap into collaborative music projects as a rapper/ singer. Any ideas? at this point we are all over the place as he prepares for the unified auditions.</p>

<p>Is he going to audition at Syracuse? My D loves that she no longer has to take math/science classes. I think it might be a good fit for your son unless this is too far from home?</p>

<p>Many BFA or conservatory programs have fewer academic courses required than some. (It's impossible to make a blanket statement like that about any school/course of study, but it can help in the research...it is overwhelming.) In the BFA my d attends, this semester 14 (of a possible 18) of her credit hours are MT-based, and the course plan laid out for this program remains about that skewed toward the performer's classes throughout the degree program. Check the websites of the schools he is thinking about to see what the course of study is in their catalog -- that can give an idea of requirements. Are the college classes dual-enrollment courses? Acceptance of prior credit and credit types is totally dependent on the college's policies (and those appear to be set more by the academic side than MT) but, at least with AP courses, my d found her school to be quite generous in accepting them. </p>

<p>Happy searching, and break a leg at auditions! Watch those application deadlines!!</p>

<p>DD is at Point Park. They do have academic classes, but not too many. WHen she started they gave her credit for college course work she had taken as a HS senior. This included her math credits, which she accepted as 3 semester credits, even though they were quarter credits - but at a way higher level than the degree required. Her other credits ended up being electives since they were in a FL the school did not have or require.</p>

<p>Im a freshman MT at ball state, and we only get about one Gen-Ed per semester, which is not bad at all. I definitely count myself among the ranks of the non-academically driven, but find myself really able to work my butt off for all things theatrical. But Ball-State is at unifieds, and I would definitely check it out.</p>

<p>Shenandoah Conservatory only requires 6 Gen Eds, with one being the First Year Experience class and the other English 101. The other 4 can be chose from an extensive list of options or you can use AP credits to get out of courses. The rest of the "Gen Eds" are fulfilled by classes such as Musical Theatre history.</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon has only 2 required Gen Eds the first year, an English and a history course. The other requirements are filled in our theater history courses.</p>