Looking for new ideas-What can I send my college student for Valentine's Day

<p>Looking for a "yummy" Valentine's Day present to send to my "wonderful" children at college!! Something to just let them know I am thinking about them...I have sent popcorn from the Popcorn Factory, cookies from Cheryl's Cookies and muffins from Mrs. Beasley's...anyone have any other ideas (or good deals)?</p>

<p>Many years ago now, but successful gifts for east coast Dd were hot pink or red scarves, hats, or mitttens to brighten up the February winter blahs and Starbuck's gift cards.
For my Ds, a card with a $20 bill was always appreciated. </p>

<p>But then, both of mine went to colleges where cookies, muffins and the like were plentiful in the dining halls, so they wouldn't be special.</p>

<p>I sent pajamas with hearts on them! (Not yummy..but calorie free..lol)</p>

<p>Got these through a Groupon a couple of times, daughter LOVED them:
Fairytale</a> Brownies, Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Brownies</p>

SUGARDADDY'S:</a> Best Brownies and Blondies, Best Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Thank Yous, Favors
I like to buy the "Pocketchange" (see under "just brownies")</p>

<p>Our kids love strawberries. Chocolate</a> Covered Strawberries, Gift Baskets, Cupcakes | Shari's Berries</p>

<p>The strawberries are huge, and I mean huge, bigger than you could ever find at the grocery store. DD cuts the 6 in 1/2 and shares with her roommates. I send to my Mom too, and she eats 1/2 as her treat.</p>

<p>They love it because in Feb., it is a special treat to get nice fruit.</p>

<p>3</a> Swizzled Cake Pops & Full Half Dozen Gourmet Dipped Swizzled Berries at Shari's Berries</p>

<p>If you go online and look for a coupon you usually will find a 10-20% off code. Shipping is expensive.</p>

<p>I don't think our 19 year old son would "really" appreciate PJ's with hearts on them...</p>

<p>..but a great idea for our daughter!!</p>

<p>I will take a look at the other suggestion...thanks!!</p>

<p>What about Smiley Cookies shaped like red hearts? I think they are currently offering free shipping.</p>

<p>Last year I sent my S2 dollar bills folding into origami</a> hearts. Works well for any denomination - and college kids ALWAYS want money :).</p>

<p>I am calling up a restaurant near D's school that she likes and ordering lunch for her that she can pick up on her way past. It's a little pricier and more lavish than she would spend on herself, but still in the $25 range.</p>

<p>9</a> Sweet Valentine?s Day Treats | Real Simple</p>

<p>Different Valentine's Day ideas from Real Simple magazine.</p>

<p>D1 is gluten-intolerant, so I'm going to bake GF brownies & mail them to her.</p>

<p>Friend just told me about this site.</p>

<p>Gourmet</a> Chocolate, Gourmet Candy, Chocolate Gifts | Bissinger’s</p>

<p>I sent a caramel/chocolate covered apple from Mrs.Prindbels. Have done Dale and Thomas popcorn- the BEST! (gluten free too)</p>

<p>I ordered chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements for my boys. They will probably be embarassed but too bad! One of my sons is in Florida, so I was worried about sending chocolate, but there is a location right near his school and they will deliver to the dorm, should be no problem. And the strawberries are boxed, unlike their other fruit displays that would be evident to all, so they can be delivered incognito.</p>

<p>Harry and David fruit box. Often, they have free shipping offers.
D also likes the edible arrangements.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up ordering a cute heart box from See's Candy... Us west-coasters love our See's candy!!</p>

<p>BTW, groupon has a FTD florist 50% off offer today - $20 for $40 !</p>

<p>Sending gift cards to both sons. Also purchased a bunch of little things, and candy to send to son and girlfriend. Baking tomorrow. Last year, special heart shaped cookies..two different kinds. This year will be easier, pan cookies that are then cut out with different size hear cookie cutters to send to other son and his housemates. </p>

<p>target had some stuff, especially for girls.. had cream in cute scents, poetic photo magnets with cute designs, words, cute boxes, buckets to put the stuff in.... Located at the front of the store.</p>

<p>This was not for Valentines Day but for finals week. By the end of DD's first year I was out of original ideas and she couldn't eat/give fast enough the sweets and treats we were sending fast enough.</p>

<p>So.... I went to the Dollar Store and purchased plastic pink flamingos, blow up palm trees, some funny headbands with fuzzy balls at the end of a spring, a package of bubbles and a package of play dough a funky plastic table cloth and odds and ends I do not even remember.</p>

<p>It was such a hit that DD posted a thank you with pics on her FB page...now when you make your kids FB page that's a biggie.</p>