Looking for Options

I’m currently attending New College of Florida but am strongly considering dropping and taking a gap year because I do not believe that I can reasonably afford to attend this year. That being said, I want to know if there are any more reasonable options out there for me, the thing is I don’t necessarily consider myself a very competitive applicant.

Here are some stats:
Currently my parents make around $50,000 per year but will not be paying anything towards my college. I’m looking for a college where I can pay less than 6 or 7 thousand per year out of pocket but am willing to take out the maximum Stafford loans. I plan to work part time during school.

I already have my AA degree through community college which I got from dual enrollment in high school. I’ve been at New College for one year My original plan for coming to college was to major in sociology and minor or double major in creative writing, and I’d like to continue on that track and plan to go to law school after finishing my BA.

New College credits are notoriously hard to transfer over because there are no grades here and therefore I have no official GPA from New College. However, my unweighted GPA in high school was 3.94 and my GPA at the school I got my AA from was 3.75.

In high school I took four AP credits on top of my dual enrollment and scored 4’s in all four courses. My test scores weren’t great so to get into New College I relied heavily on my other achievements. My best ACT scores were 26 English 30 Reading and 19 Math. I did four years of marching band and concert band in high school played two instruments and did 150 hours of community service as well as holding down a part time job. I did not receive bright futures because my test scores were too low.

At New College I’ve held down a part time job and done journalism as an extracurricular as well as being involved in other social justice causes.

The only problem I’d have with attending an OOS college is the cost. My mind is open to schools outside of Florida if I can afford them.

Thank you.

Are there any regional FL Us which you can commute to from your home to save on living costs?

@“Erin’s Dad” - I know that I have no right to be picky but the only colleges that I know of that I could commute to reasonably are UCF and FIT. FIT doesn’t have my choice of major available and UCF is my extreme last choice. Not because I’m too entitled for UCF because I don’t care about stats it’s just that UCF is too large for me to ever feel comfortable among other things that make it a bad choice for me.

I don’t know if it’s relevant because I have so many transfer credits but my SAT score was 560 Reading 430 Math and 660 Writing.