Looking for Organic chem on-line course summer 2023

My DD wants to audit organic chem this summer as a preview. Any recs for where she might do this?

@WayOutWestMom Are college courses that are audited also included in applications to medical schools?

@njmomster there is also a book recommended for Organic Chemistry study. It might be worth getting this. @WayOutWestMom can give you the name!

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To be honest, if she just wants to audit a class not-for-credit, she can run through Khan Academy’s organic chemistry module. Has a lot of great content and is completely free.


good to know!

Yes, AMCAs requires all audited courses to be reported and an official transcript to be sent from the college where you audited the class.

See pp. 13 and 33
2023 AMCAS Applicant Guide

The book that @thumper1 is referring to is Organic Chemistry As a Second Language by David Klein

There is a separate book for each semester.

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That being the case…I’m not sure auditing this course before taking it is in the best interests of a medical school applicant.

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