Looking for other Marine/Navy ROTC kids going to Auburn in Fall 2020

My son is in and going…Marine ROTC scholarship. It would be nice to connect with someone out there on dates for NSI, orientation and the myriad of stuff there is to keep track of on this.

Daughter received an NROTC scholarship but let’s just say we haven’t come to a full agreement as a family where she’ll be using it. We did a very brief buzz through the town this summer and it’s pretty campus. We really don’t have much other knowledge about the school or the NROTC detachment/battalion as her mother and I have been pushing other colleges. LOL.

What sort of knowledge do you have about NROTC at Auburn?

It’s definitely one of the better units…good size and their own building with strong campus support. If your daughter got a NROTC scholarship, it should be for a specific school and major. There is a process to change either or both but the initial offer should be specific. Is it at Auburn?

No, Duke was her 1st choice and she is a Tier 2 major. She is awaiting a decision there but really liked what she saw passing through Auburn following our Summer vacation down on the Alabama shores. No one was around the NROTC unit during our impromptu stop at the campus and we’re really trying to get a feel for what the Auburn experience is like. Got some paperwork in the mail on NSI in the mail the other day, I’m sure the NROTC “suggests” preferencing the same session.