Looking for roommates

I’ll just repost what I posted on facebook:

Looking for roommate(s). I just submitted my honors college and housing applications, so I’m hoping to get pulled into honors housing or find an honors college roommate for traditional housing, but these are not absolutes.

I like to run fast (5ks, 1600m), play tennis and work out. I also like to play video games, such as Starcraft and competitive Pokemon. Anime is what I find myself watching most often, but I’ll watch anything good. Right now I’m interested in philosophy and acting upon my faith (Christian). I consider myself to be neat, clean, and studious. I don’t have any interest in rushing, parties, or going football crazy. I hope to get into writing, drawing, and volunteering. Oh, and I like music, but who doesn’t?

By the way I’m a male, half-Chinese, going into STEM most likely, and from Minnesota. Message me if you are interested.

You can join UA rommmate search page in FB

Welcome to UA! Good luck with the roommate search!

Just got into the honors college, so that’s not in limbo now.