Looking for safety, target, and reach.

<p>I am currently at a lost at what kind of colleges I should be applying to. I intend to major in computer science. With these stats I have, what would be some examples of safety, target, and reach school for me? I am a California permanent resident. I don't really have a preference for campus environments. </p>

<p>weighted GPA: 4.46
unweighted GPA: 3.91</p>

<p>ACT: 30 composite (28 English, 34 Math, 28 Reading, 29 Science)
SAT II: 760 Math II, 680 U.S. History
AP: 4 U.S. history</p>

- treasurer of a club in school for one year, spends about two hours weekly planning activities
- volunteered at local library all four years for about 50 hours total
- around 170 hours of work experience as Tutor at Kumon Learning Centers</p>

- Honor Roll all 4 years
- QuestBridge Finalist 2011 ~ 2012 (ranked Yale, but I doubt I would be matched =l)</p>

- First generation Asian immigrant
- First generation college student
- Household income <$25,000
- Only took 2 AP courses (school only provide 2 AP courses)
- High school has an API score of 930</p>


<p>bump, anyone?</p>

<p>Your safeties are the CCCs that you can commute to. Talk with your guidance counselor about how the various California state aid packages work (Blue and Gold), and work out whether or not one or more of the CSUs are safeties as well.</p>

<p>Since you need serious money, spend some time in the Financial Aid Forum reading the threads on guaranteed merit-based scholarships. Your stats put you in range for some of them.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>