Looking for some advise. IT major schools near NJ/PA?

<p>Hello all,
I am currently attending a community college in NJ due to finical reasons as an undecided/liberal arts major. After this spring semester I plan on getting out of here with what I think is an Information Technology major. (IT) I know what interests me and that's web technology and tools, or in other words web development. Things such as html, css, javascript, jquery, all seem to greatly grab my attention. Unfortunately most schools don't offer any web development major, it seems to be more of a community college type thing. With that said, <em>I think</em> IT usually covers web development, so that should probably be the major I try and pursue. Hopefully with a major in IT, I can become a web developer down the road for a company keeping my best interests in mind.</p>

<p>So my question is, are there any good schools around the NJ,NY, and PA area that offer a half-way decent Information Technology major or something that would interest me? The schools I have begun to look at include Bloomsburg (PA) and Montclair State (NJ) which both have some type of IT major. </p>

<p>I currently hold a cumulative gpa of 3.15 at my college and by the end of the spring semester I should have completed 34 college credits. Mostly in the general education courses I took, so that should make transferring easy. It's also important that the school can't be too far away, 3 hours from my location is max. (I'm located in central northern NJ.)</p>

<p>Thanks in advanced, I'm really looking for some recommendations. Or if someone has a major recommendation, I'm open to that too.</p>

<p>Oh and something else I forgot to mention is, I’m not really interested in a Computer Science major. The reason I thought IT would be good for me is because its lighter on the programming and it’s less math based. (I suck big time with a math.) There is a big difference between CS and IT and CS is definitely not my cup of tea.</p>

<p>bump please? Still waiting for input</p>

<p>have you considered Rutgers since you are a NJ resident?</p>

<p>Rutgers and Penn State, SUNY SB</p>

<p>NJIT cheap and a very good school</p>