looking for some help

<p>Ok, so I've been taking AP Spanish this year. My grades haven't been pefect, but they've been the best in the class. I'd been thinking of dropping it the entire quarter. No one at the top of my class takes an AP language, and that sort of hurts me a lot. I am ranked in the top 3 in my school, and though my school weights AP classes, I'm afraid that I'll wind up with a B in this class. </p>

<p>Yesterday, I told my spanish teacher I'd drop it, and she called my parents and explained to them that since the first quarter has ended, (or nearly ended--tomorrow is the last day) colleges will think that I failed the course, and that's why I dropped. I asked my guidance counselor and she told me that my grade wouldn't show up. I know that colleges like to see a challenging courseload (especially the ones I want to apply to, HPYSM). Happiness is also an issue here. I don't really have much of a passion to learn a language anymore. </p>

<p>So I'm in sort of a pickle here. Should I drop french and save my rank, or stay with it and have a tough courseload? I was actually thinking of self studying another AP class in its place, but I don't think it would actually show up as an AP on my report card.</p>

<p>Ok, so I've been taking AP Spanish this year.
Should I drop french and save my rank</p>

<p>... wtf?</p>

<p>ermm sorry i have that habit of writing what i was reading, that should say spanish :P</p>

<p>dropping does show an F on the transcript. stay wid spanish, and add a comment about its status and your gpa on the essay.</p>

<p>maybe your school doesn't, but here if you drop pass the first quarter for full year classes, it's an F and a withdrawal</p>

<p>erm well i think things worked out. i dropped out, and my guidance counselor made it so that it appears on my transcript as an independent study course (for the first quarter as well)</p>