Looking for suggestions on Self-Studying and Textbooks


<p>I'm interested in self-studying several APs, including </p>

<p>AP Japanese Language and Culture,
AP French Language/Literature,
AP US/Comparative Government,
AP Music Theory,
AP Geography, and
AP World History. </p>

<p>Could anyone suggest effective textbooks that could be used to reach 5s on the tests? (Also, this post can and should be used to list useful self-study textbooks for ANY AP course). I plan on being able to study starting this summer all the way up until the exam. Any suggestion on effective self-studying methods would also be appreciated.</p>


<p>I would suggest Barron's for Psychology and both Princeton Review and Barron's for government.</p>

<p>For Comparative government, get the Ethel Wood book. It's good, and it gives enough information to successfully get a 5. I can give you the ISBN number of a good textbook later, if you want it.</p>

<p>For US government, I've heard that the Princeton Review book is best. Same for World History.</p>