looking for the right prep school!

<p>well, im a soon to be sophomore looking to transfer for junior year. i am looking for schools that are less like an ivy league(exeter, andover) and a little more more selective like boston college or u of chicago or northwestern. I don't want to apply to super selective schools, i want to apply for something more real for me. if anyone knows of such schools in New England or the east coast, please help :p.</p>

<p>if you need my stats:
freshman year 1st semester: 3.14 uw average
freshman year 2nd semester: 4.0 uw average</p>

<p>im sure i'll get straight A's sophomore year</p>

<p>ec's: internship with a anti-discrimination non profit. im a part of many youth organizations and started a youth organization for kids of my ethnic group so that we can end racism in our schools and community. i went to a leadership camp this summer. i did speech and debate and was state champ in an event and i went to nationals. i did mock trial as well, and was class president. im also a school board representative for all public schools. and i run indoor and outdoor track (im not the best, but im dedicated). i was one of 4 freshman to recieve the leadership award in my school, and the only person in my entire school to get the speech and debate award :) im a very good leader and that's my focus and passion :)</p>

<p>i plan on doing student council, civil rights, GSA, french club, spanish club and academic decathalon along with everything else next year.</p>

<p>and im a URM...if that matters.</p>

<p>please, help!!! :p</p>