Looking for undergrad in business

I'm currently trying to finalize which colleges I'm going to apply to and im having a hard time here...I've decided to apply to Babson and Bentley college for sure..Anyone know if they have a good reputation, because I know they are not very well known at all. And are there any disadvantages of a small school over large (not socially, but education wise)..
Here are my stats:
Ranked 3rd in class of 110 ppl
Weighted GPA: 4.22
Unweighted: 3.95
SAT: 1190 (1st time)
Few clubs & recognitions
*I have had my own business for 1+ year if that counts as a plus..
And i guess thats about it.
Assuming that I can get my SAT score to close to 1300, can recommend some other top colleges here & ..that wouldn't be out of my reach of course..what what would you consider my saftey at 1190 w/my resume.. I'm looking for top education, with hopefully a good college experience..Thanks for any help</p>

<p>Look at Northeastern (ranked in the top twenty for international business and has the #1 internship program in the country). NEU also has an amazing campus.</p>

<p>Other schools to consider:</p>

<p>Boston College
Boston University</p>

<p>If you can get a 1300 on your SAT, I would say a good safety would be Indiana University-Bloomington. It has a top 10 Business school and a great campus life.</p>

<p>I second Northeastern. If you are a good student, you'll be able to get internships at the top companies. Lots of Northeastern grads end up with tons of experience before they graduate and end up managing the entry level grads from BU, BC, Tufts, Harvard, etc...Its getting tougher to get into though, last year there were over 24000 students competing for barely 2400 spots in the freshman class, so don't think you are automatically in by any stretch.</p>

<p>yeah in the Boston area Northeastern is coming up strong. Yes the rankings may still not be as high as other schools or it may not be the "in" school but Kiddly said it the way it is. With Northeastern grads having so much experience before they gradute they do indeed mange entry level people from schools such as BU, BC, Harvard and Tufts among others.</p>

<p>It is a good school and if you can do well you will have many opportunities available</p>

<p>Northeastern's internship program is a virtual pipeline into Fortune 500 companies. The school also has one of the nicest campuses in the country and amazing facilities. This school is sooooo underrated.</p>

<p>bentley has a pretty good rep. in mass</p>

<p>Thanks alot for that advice...I already seem to like NEU and as of now it holds #1 in my list :). By the look and all & the co-op program, I really seem to go for this one. I'm wondering how exactly does the "international business ranking" work..dont they have a rank for their MBA program, etc.? Is it better to go for this over lets say...top notch business school? from doing all the research around here, I've found that to be the case but just making sure that im making the best choice for my education :P..I'll have a look at the others listed here as well..again thanks for the help and if you guys have any others, i'll be happy to look into it</p>

<p>*btw what exactly is included in their "Management" program in the College of BA..And which ones superior here: Management or "Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management"...The rest don't seem to interest me that much. And secondly, do you just get a bachelor's degree upon the five year graduation?</p>

<p>Hi. what about Lehigh University?</p>

<p>you're going to have to raise your sat score 100+ points</p>

<p>class of 2008 stats:</p>

<p>sat range (25%-75%): 1220-1420
average sat: 1320</p>

<p>1603 applicants in your sat range applied this year, only 206 were accepted (thats roughly a 12% acceptance rate for people who scored within you sat range)</p>

<p>For business I wouldn't go to Lehigh University. I think you would be better off at Northeastern due to its co-op program</p>

<p>thx..Now im sorta confused about the "international program". What exactly is that refer to? Is there any difference between that and the program bentley offers per say? Can i expect a good education there strictly pertaining to business..and what does "international" refer to in this case? Secondly, I'm really interested in entrepaneurship since I do plan to start my business eventually. But I also want to do business management on the side so i can i have a job when I graduate to begin with. Is it possible to do double major, one in business management & entrepaneurship simultaneously? If so how long do I have to stay in college & when exactly do i do both..At the same time, or one after the other?
On the final note, would you recommend NEU for what I plan to pursue? (over Bentley,babson, & others i guess)</p>

<p>**PS: Don't the other colleges have internship program, or most at least? What's special about co-op over 'regular' intership program..Doesn't bentley, babson, bu, etc. have internship programs as well? Thx</p>

<p>If you can get your SAT up, Michigan would be a good choice. They have a wonderful undergraduate business school program and they have many internship opportunities. However, getting in is no guarantee, even once you gain admission to the University as a whole. You apply to the program during your sophomore year and it is highly competitive to gain admission. But that is one of the reasons why they have such a good reputation.</p>

<p>Hi Jackpotowner,</p>

<p>Northeastern's international business program is unique becuase it allows students to work and study abroad, and earn a concurrent degree at a European Business school. Thus, what you get it two degrees (one American and one European) and a year of work experience under the four year program (or 1.5 years if you choose the five year plan) at a top international company. Another huge benefit is that the co-ops paid whereas at most other schools you are basically working for free and are limited to interning in the summer. Northeastern is currently ranked #16 for international business but it is rising year by year as the word spreads about the benefits of the program. More about the international business program:</p>

<p><a href="http://www.cba.neu.edu/portal/index.cfm?page=101&nav=114%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.cba.neu.edu/portal/index.cfm?page=101&nav=114&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>thx for the info. However, is having two degrees more beneficial if you decided to work in the US instead of going international..And to my question reg. majoring in two fields, is that possible concurrently? I see they have a "Duel degree option". I cant say for sure but is that what it's referring to? Spending first three y ears majoring in one thing, and another 2 years international majoring in another? (entrepreneurship?)</p>

<p>*thx for michigan's info as well..Im sure i can get my score up to at least 100 points as im going to take several courses, etc.</p>

<p>****I just reviewed the site again and saw that the international program is only for those who are interested in International business. In my case I want to pursue Business Administration in management and entrepreneurship..Is Northeastern still the right option if I want to do this or more yet the "best"..Thanks</p>

<p>*bump * bump bbump</p>

<p>Check out Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia (my D is a freshman there and loves it-they have a good business program)-also, go to the AACSB website-you should like for schools that (like St. Joe's) are AASCB accredited.</p>

<p>"****I just reviewed the site again and saw that the international program is only for those who are interested in International business. In my case I want to pursue Business Administration in management and entrepreneurship..Is Northeastern still the right option if I want to do this or more yet the "best"..Thanks"</p>

<p>Yes, Northeastern has very strong programs in business administration and entreprenuership. For example, the entrepreneurship program is ranked in the top 30 by Success Magazine. Northeastern also sponsors one of the premier business plan competitions in New England: <a href="http://www.atsweb.neu.edu/neuventures/60k/index.shtml%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.atsweb.neu.edu/neuventures/60k/index.shtml&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Northeastern also has strong connections to the coporate world. Here are some of the CEOs that recently came to campus: <a href="http://www.cba.neu.edu/corporate/index.cfm?page=284&nav=259%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.cba.neu.edu/corporate/index.cfm?page=284&nav=259&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>More corporate connections: <a href="http://www.cba.neu.edu/corporate/index.cfm?page=106&nav=104%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.cba.neu.edu/corporate/index.cfm?page=106&nav=104&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I hope this helps.</p>

<p>I'd say target Bentley, Babson and Northeastern. They would all be matches for you and all have well respected and recognized business programs in the northeast as well as across the United States</p>

<p>Bentley/Babson have great reputations in the Northeast, but Lehigh definitely has a better national alumni base and name recognition. Its a more well rounded traditional college atmosphere. Indiana U is also a great business school in an awesome college town, great athletics and social life, less expensive...</p>

<p>Your class rank is very high which should help you alot at Lehigh, and other Patriot-type schools, and top tier publics like Indiana and Michigan. It would pretty much guarantee your admission to the others (only about a third I think are in top 10% of class at Northeastern/Babson -- this would put you way ahead and your SATs are higher than many accepted there)</p>