Looking me up online

I don’t have any social media, but when you look up my name, other people with the same name show up and they are approximately my age but their profile pictures are bad (such as smoking, looking gangster, etc.). I know colleges look at kid’s social medias to gather information on what they are like. Should I be worried that colleges look up my name on Instagram and see these kids and thinks its me and then get a bad impression of me because of it? How will colleges know it’s not me?

i doubt they will look you up unless you explicity tell on your application that you are some internet celebrity. i only have heard of admissions officers looking up prospective student’s names for graduate school admission. don’t worry ab it!

Thank you!

I have noticed that when I look up most people, I find people with the same name who are clearly not the right person. This is normal. College admissions people are smart, they have to know that this is normal.

I do not think that this is problem at all.