Looking to apply as a transfer to BYU Provo

I am currently a sophomore (Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance) at a small LAC in New Jersey. The problem is that I strongly dislike the school due to the average student in attendance (school is not their priority), the deficiency in academic rigor, and a litany of other things.

Currently, I have a 3.95 GPA, most likely a 3.96 after my grades from my current semester are finalized in May. I am not involved much on campus since because - echoing what I previously mentioned - I dislike the school. When you signup for a club, you get a single email in the beginning of the semester from the organization, and then don’t hear from them again.

My extracurriculars/activities are as follows: Budget Analyst Intern on campus (position offered to me by a professor who admired by work ethic in and outside of the classroom), TONS of volunteer work on political campaigns (from local elections to presidential elections), President/Founder of political club in HS, peer tutor, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, operate my own eBay business, etc, etc.

With that all being said, I am currently looking to transfer. So far, I have applied to Tulane and the University of Southern California. I have known about BYU for a long, long time, but I have been dissuaded to apply by a number of people because of the LDS affiliation. I was raised by a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, and I was not really raised either or. I grew up celebrating both sets of holidays. However, I have always identified as Jewish when someone asks me. I must mention that I do agree with many of the teachings of Mormonism. The religion has really inspired me over the years and has gotten me through some difficult times in my life. I also do not drink and I live a rather modest/conservative life so fitting in would definitely not be an issue for me.

But the overarching question I am trying to get at is do I even have a shot as a transfer student that is not affiliated in anyway with the Church of Latter Day Saints? After my rigorous research, I understand that it is rather difficult to get in as a transfer. Also, if I were to send in an application, what would I do regarding the Ecclesiastical letter of recommendation since I do not belong to any church or temple? Again, I am born and raised in New Jersey. There are barely any LDS churches in my vicinity. I do know where the closest one to me is, and I certainly do not feel comfortable converting as I feel I would be isolating myself from my family. Is conversion even an option?

If someone could provide me with insight, I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to talk to someone who has gone through a similar experience or perhaps even is a current BYU parent/student. Thank you in advance for your time and guidance!

There are no statistics about non-LDS/LDS admission rates, but the rumor is that it’s better to not be LDS, you have a very high GPA so I think you’d be a competitive transfer applicant. To receive an ecclesiastical endorsement the portal will tell you which church to go to for a meeting with the bishop, you won’t have to convert. Hope everything goes well!

@username91 Thank you for your help. So, is it once I send my application, then they determine which church I go to for an interview? And do you know what the interview entails?

Before you send your application there will be a tab of the portal that says “Ecclesiastical Endorsement” it will then give you the address of the church and the Bishop’s contact information, I’m not sure what non-member interviews are like, but it will probably just be about following the honor code, you might be able to do it over the phone, I’m not too sure how they work, hope this helped!

You don’t need a Mormon Bishop to get an ecclesiastical endorsement. They take endorsements from Priests, Rabbis, Pastures, etc if you’re affiliated with another religion. You can talk to the Honor Code office and they can give you all the information you need.