Looking to transfer into top universities in the US/ What are my chances

I will be going into a canadian university this fall (either UBC or McGill) and i’m planning to major in CompSci.

After freshman year, i’m planning to transfer into US universities that are in the top tier for compsci, (stanford, berkeley, carnegie mellon, duke, etc).

How hard is it to transfer into those colleges, according to the admission stats this year?
Also, what does it take for an international student (canadian) to successfully transfer?


high school GPA: 4.0/4.0 for 5 years straight
Extracurriculars: -accepted into several coding programs (spent 8 weeks learning to code at Google)
-started a coding club for children from low-income family at a local university
-started the environment club at my school
-vice-president of the Model United Nations club (2 years)
-Currently accomplishing the Duke of Edinburgh Award (gold level)
-part-time Robotics Instructor

SAT: 2100 (will retake)

extra info:
-i’ve also won some awards of distinctions at an international math competition.
-first generation immigrant, we immigrated to canada from a developing country

What are my chances? and for those who successfully transferred, how did you do it? :slight_smile:


[Here](http://transferweb.com/stats/transfer-acceptance-rates/#.VapV45Oqqko)are the transfer stats for the top 50 unis (across all subjects)

Most of them will want a strong GPA in your major courses (Duke says 3.7, for example) and good SAT.

Assume no fin aid or merit aid.

Why not just go to Waterloo (or transfer there)? They place as well or better in to Silicon Valley than the top American CS schools.

UCB only accepts Junior level transfers with 60 semester units/90 quarter units. HS GPA and SAT scores are not considered.

And your family can afford to be full pay at these US schools?