Looking to Transfer to NCF (currently 1st year at a women's college)

so basically i'm nearing the end of my first year at a small women's college in western Massachusetts. I am strongly considering transferring. I love the classes I can take here, but I socially don't fit in. I feel like, as liberal as it is, its not as accepting as claimed. I was hoping to ask some questions and get the general 411 on NCF. I really like the small size, freedom of curriculum, and social scene (based on what I'm told).
I;m really trying to gauge if its right for me. I plan on visiting if I'm admitted for Spring of next year.
A bit about me:
i want to study film production and philosophy and religion
im a little out there and speak my mind, though i think where i am has made me a little hyper-aware of what i say, in fear of offending another
i enjoy other people who can be open and talk honestly, with intent to educate people rather than tear down opinion outright. </p>

<p>my questions are:
what is the deal on film production? i know its not a focus area per se, but a current student told me that you can get someone to sort of sponsor a class with enough students, (i think)
religion/philosophy departments?
social scene--what are people generally like? is there a stereotype that seems to be accurate?
is there a lot of racial tension? asking because there is where i am now...</p>

<p>thanks for any advice you can lend me!!!</p>

<p>are you attending mhc or smith?</p>

<p>My son just started his first year at NCF. Classes haven’t started yet, but he is favorably impressed. Feel free to PM me with any questions.</p>