Looks Like Acceptance Rate Class of 2025 was 56 percent

Based on the recent class snapshot profile posted on Virginia Tech’s website, the acceptance rate for class of 2025 was about 56 percent.


My D22 applied last month. She is OOS from Texas…4.0 weighted GPA…28 ACT…Full IB diploma…undecided major (most likely Communications/Marketing).

She has not visited the campus, but she likes that area of the country. I encouraged her to apply because of its solid academics and reputation, and we have a family member who is a graduate and really enjoyed his time there.

It’s not 56%. Juan Espinosa stayed in a welcome video for the class of 2025 that the acceptance rate was 49% for that year

It’s strange that their own class profile publication contradicts the 49% number. Maybe one refers to all applications (transfer, grad, and undergrad) and one is freshman only?

The info on applications and acceptances is for first years, which is typically understood to mean first year undergraduates. I agree, it does not make sense why the head of admissions would say 49% when the published data clearly shows 56%.

Or maybe the head of admissions was referring just to the regular decision admission rate? Or out-of-state admission rate?