Looks like Pryor is headed elsewhere

<p>Reports indicate that Terrelle Pryor is headed to either Penn State (where his father wants him to go) or Ohio State (where he wants to go)<a href="http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080207/SPORTS06/802070421/0/SPORTS06&theme=SIGNINGDAY%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080207/SPORTS06/802070421/0/SPORTS06&theme=SIGNINGDAY&lt;/a> . Apparently all the supposed magic between Rodriguez and Pryor was over stated. I know, some will say UM still has a shot, but the fact that he did not sign speaks volumes. I hope I'm wrong.</p>

<p>UM also lost the top recruit in the state - Nick Perry - to USC. This, in addition to all the other distractions swirling around Rodriguez, adds up to a less than stellar beginning to the post Bo/Carr era.</p>

<p>I guess this is bad for our quarterback situation, but I have to confess it really bothered me to see Michigan fans and Michigan media fawn all over this kid. There was something really unseemly about it. </p>

<p>Best of luck to him.</p>

<p>michigan's class is top ten according to most recruiting experts. tp would never have even considered a2 if rr weren't here. losing the number one player in the state, for the second straight year, to usc is upsetting though. i'm sure it was more of the "hollywood" wow factor that sent both of them out west. btw, don't be surprised if that wow factor lands usc on probation in the coming years. the reggie bush saga is not over yet.</p>

<p>SBDad, although Pryor is talented, he lacks the decision making ability I like to see in a top recruit. Leaders know what they want. I cannot remember the last time a player ranked #1 in his class needing extra time to commit. Like Hoedown, I wish him well, but I would not feel comfortable with him in Maize and Blue.</p>

<p>Alexandre - BS.</p>

<p>The kid went played AAU all summer, won a state championship(with the team on his back) in FB that took him through December, then started BBall for a team that goes all over the nation.</p>

<p>JoPa meets him in the last couple days, and his dad is SOLD on PSU. Terrelle was sold on OSU, but now isn't sure.</p>

<p>How is that a failure on his part. He has only been able to visit schools during 2 weekends since smmer. Period.</p>

<p>He can obviously make OK decisions leading to carrying his teams in multiple sports on his back since he was a frosh. He also has switched what sports he wanted to do in college(from Bball frosh-early junior year, to both, to football only in the past 3 months). Adding more to his decision.</p>

<p>I very much respect both Hoedown and Alexandre but, with all due respect, it's really difficult to classify what they are saying as anything but sour grapes. Fact is, Pryor is the number one recruit in the country and, with the spread offense coming, Wolverine fans would have been dancing in the streets if he had signed on the Maize and Blue line yesterday (can you imagine McGuffie and Pryor in the same backfield?). I know I would have. The fact that he might end up at OSU just adds salt into the wound.</p>

<p>I hope he doesn't go to OSU...I've grow to hate OSU more every day being in Cleveland. It sucks that it looks like he won't go to Michigan. Rodriguez needs to return this program back to championship caliber play.</p>

<p>DSC, I really wish him all the best. I obviously don't know TP, so I could be wrong. I just don't have a good feeling about him.</p>

<p>SBDad, there are no sour grapes. 6 weeks ago, when RR announced he would coach Michigan and TP came into the picture, I was truly excited about the prospect. But over the last month and a half, I have grown incresingly uncomfortable with him. I really don't know why, but I just don't feel good about him.</p>

<p>"SBDad, although Pryor is talented, he lacks the decision making ability I like to see in a top recruit."</p>

<p>Definitely some sour grapes on this thread. I hope we get Pryor to come to Happy Valley. I'm just happy that it looks doubtful that he will go to Michigan. It's time for the victors to take the backseat in big ten football for a couple years. We, Penn State, have admittedly dropped the ball the last 10 years, but Michigan is definitely not the unbeatable program that it used to be.</p>

<p>It's pretty obvious you don't follow this stuff much, so just let me say that "reports have been indicating" that Pryor is interested in "any combination of Michigan/Penn State/Ohio State/Oregon" for a couple weeks now, and this represents nothing new or insightful whatsoever.</p>

<p>Not sure who the "you" is that dilksy is talking about, but my news from today's Detroit Free Press was as follows:</p>

<p>"• With the network cameras rolling shortly after noon in Jeannette, Pa., Pryor announced that he needed more time and that he needed to visit Penn State and Oregon.
The Associated Press reported that Ohio State expected to sign Pryor, a dual-threat quarterback in the Vince Young mold and the country's top recruit. But Pryor's father wanted Penn State and not Ohio State. Pryor said: "Me and my dad had a battle of differences."</p>

<p>If sure the football team wants him, but the English Department is probably not dissapointed. And as I said in my initial post, some will say UM "still has a shot" and that I "hope I am wrong".</p>

<p>There was pretty much no useful content in that quote. He still needs to visit places he's considering but hasn't visited, and Ohio State thinks they're the best. Wow. And the Freep fabricated the part about Pryor wanting Ohio State and his dad wanting Penn State.</p>

<p>If it is really down to OSU and PSU for Terrelle Pryor, than he should not go to PSU. That would be stupid..he will just waste his 5 star career under that horrendous coaching staff. I really wanted TP to come to UM, but the thing is I'm not all that worried about playing against him because if anyone knows how to defend a mobile QB..it is RR. Also, I heard we were in the running for the 09 recruit Russell Shepard, who looks like the next Michael Vick, getting him would take away the pain of losing TP. </p>

<p>One more thing on losing Perry. I don't think it is that big of a deal, UM can always pick up another stud DE next year. Besides, Cissoko was the #1 recruit in MI, not Perry. Also, USC does this to everyone, Carroll has built such an amazing program there, now they can just go out and pick up top 5 players in any single state in America.</p>


<p>we might not be that dominant program right now, but it isn't as if Penn State can ever beat us lol.</p>

<p>UM should have been the obvious choice for him, and for anyone interested in knowing why he isn't choosing UM, here's what happened:</p>

<p>Pryor has known this guy called Ted Sarniak for a few years. This guy is a wealthy OSU alum that lives in Jeanette (his town) and owns a glass company with stores all over the midwest. He's been suspected of bribing cops, but that may be irrelevant. The main thing is that Sarniak got Pryor a corvette to take to prom and promised to let Pryor have the car "after high school". Rich Rodriguez, and most people involved in the situation, are aware of Sarniak, and the fact that OSU coaches have been meeting with him when they took visits down to Jeanette to talk with Pryor. Basically, when Pryor was on his official visit in AA, Rodriguez flat out told him he should stop talking to Sarniak, and that Sarniak is using him. Pryor apparently considered that guy a father figure, and didn't like hearing that. We have had a black mark in his mind ever since. Keep in mind, this isn't 100%, but it is the word on the street from both OSU and UM insiders.</p>

<p>I think an open competition for qb is a good thing, honestly. There are a lot of over-hyped qbs out there, and whether or not Pryor is one of them is tbd. But there are also a lot of under-hyped qbs. Look at Chase Daniel, Matt Flynn, Todd Boekman, etc. They weren't dinner-table names until this year. They weren't freshman phenoms. Pryor is an extraordinary athlete, but so are Michigan's recruits. Signing a guy who finished 3rd in FL Mr. Football voting isn't too bad for a first year coach, IMO.</p>

<p>Yep, I think we will be fine. Pat White was a nobody out of high school and look how he has done at West Virginia. Also, for what it's worth, we have a lot of good options for next years recruits. Three of the top 20 players in the 2009 class are dual-threat quarterbacks.</p>

<p>OK dilksy, thanks for setting me straight. I didn't know that the Free Press fabricated information for their stories, but I won't get fooled again. At any rate, I should know better than to start a thread about Michigan football without being the object of Pugilistic Discussion Syndrome.</p>

<p>jnpn, although I did not want to point to the suspicious circumstances surrounding TP (Corvette and boosters), I will say again that I feel uneasy about him. I wish him well and would much rather see him at PSU than at OSU. I just think that speculation about his ties to OSU boosters would haunt his college experience. At PSU, I think he will be more insulated from distractions and will be able to focus on football and his maturity.</p>