Looks like we'll be out a couple of football coaches...

<p>Well, the massive expos</p>

<p>This story is just unfolding, so it is way too early to speculate on things like resignations. As well, the primary source of information is a convicted felon who was in the business of lying (i.e. $930 million Ponzi scheme). It should further be noted that none of the allegations happened at UA and the extent of involvement, if any, of the UA coaches while at Miami is most unclear. UA will do the right thing when all the facts are apparent and not before.</p>

<p>Well, I think this is a different matter but I haven't seen this posted yet here: Julio</a> Jones: Man of Many Suits : Outkick The Coverage</p>

<p>That Clay Travis article is a pile of BS wrapped in racist overtones. </p>

<p>The University compliance department investigated the store owner last November and found no wrong doing of any kind by our players. </p>

<p>The store owner was dissociated because he failed to cease and desist of using player photos in his advertising. </p>

<p>Clay Travis is so incompetent he tried to prove UA did something wrong by using a photo of a memorabilia kiosk at University Mall. The only problem was the photo was from the Galleria in Birmingham. </p>

<p>The whole story was BS and supposition by a hack blogger who just happens to be a Tenn grad.</p>

<p>As for this Miami stuff. I agree with MABama. Let things play out before making any rash decisions.</p>

<p>This article pretty much confirms what I said earlier:</p>

<p>Nick</a> Saban: Alabama vetted two former Miami coaches before hires - ESPN</p>

<p>Alabama did the right thing BEFORE these coaches were hired and will do the right thing AFTER they are hired.</p>

<p>I love the statement that "Alabama does things the right way." That pretty much sums it up for all things Alabama - academics, athletics, extracurricular, and community.</p>

<p>ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!</p>

<p>Here is Saban's complete statement on the matter. This guy is a real pro and I wish he would teach a public speaking course at UA.</p>

<p>Video:</a> Nick Saban's statement on Miami as it relates to his Alabama staff | al.com</p>

<p>Alabama - the right way.</p>

<p>Nick Saban is a class act!</p>