Loomis Chaffee ?

<p>There are posts about AESD..., not many about Loomis Chaffee.
Any insightful thoughts ?</p>

<p>Loomis Chaffee is approximately 60% boarding, so it has a lot of day students. Substantial endowment of over $100 million. Strong arts curriculum. Fairly large campus of 300 acres. Parents with whom I spoke praise the school. Although the studentbody is comprised of students from 30 different states, most--60%--are from Connecticutt. Less than two hours to either NYC or Boston, and less than one hour to Yale's campus.</p>

<p>How are the academics at Loomis Chaffee</p>

<p>I couldn't visit Loomis but from what I've heard it has an amazing campus. My interview (phone) was really friendly and followed up by a warm email. They also have a great website and nice information package which is a nice bonus - I think it shows that the school is interested in impressing you as an applicant.</p>

<p>Any loomis current students or parents ?</p>

<p>My son is a freshman at Loomis this year. I would be happy to answer any questions...</p>

<p>Regarding the above post inquiring about the academics at Loomis Chaffee: Loomis Chaffee is one of the best schools in the country. The parents of current & former students may be its best asset as they demand top academics & extracurriculars from both school & students. The academics at the nation's top 30 or so boarding schools tend to be outstanding. Schools such as Andover, Exeter, St. Paul's, Groton, Milton, Deerfield & Hotchkiss are so superior to the typical prep school experience that we may forget that Loomis Chaffee, Mercersburg, St. George's, Middlesex, Lawrenceville, Choate Rosemary Hall, Cate, Thacher, the Webb Schools and many others are off the charts spectacular when it comes to academics and learning in a positive & supportive environment.</p>

<p>My daughter was recently appected to Loomis and would love to go badly. She started looking at the school becuase of sports but we have realized what a great academic and wonderful place it really is.</p>

<p>With not being big earner's we were surprsied that she was waitlisted for FA. I know their is another thread on this but has anyone gone through this for Loomis. We were suprised beacuse the coach really wanted her for a specific sport and thought the money would be there. They have told us to be patience and would be a good chance of coming off the wait list as they only put on a small amount. Has any one gone through this at this school?</p>

<p>Even with such a large day student percent, it's a big school, so there are still about a "small schools worth" of boaring students (around 400 I think). </p>

<p>It's a pretty campus, they take most of their day students as 9th graders. Very pretty town (Windsor) within walking distance of the campus - even though the campus still has a feel of being it's own "place." </p>

<p>We thought the dorms were very college-like for lack of a better word, or not as "homey" as some other schools. My son didn't care so much about that as I did.</p>

<p>They are currently building a new science center in the middle of campus, scheduled to open in the fall or spring of this coming school year I believe.</p>

<p>Loomis is between two rivers, but they don't have crew. Why?</p>

<p>When we went for campus visit and interview, the tour guide told us every spring (or summer), the school has flood (so they have a name - the island). Is this the reason they don't have crew? Is flood a big concern ?</p>

<p>How about their writing program? I remembered they have 'writing path', any one has more deep information about it?</p>

<p>Dad111 - Good luck to you, hope you will get the fa. What kind of sport your D is going to play at loomis? My S loves Loomis but we will revisit the school and make decision to go or not.</p>

<p>They <em>did</em> have crew in the 70s. There are pics in my yearbook of the guys carrying the shells. The school is located at the confluence of the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers. The buildings are located on a high piece of ground, while the athletic fields are in the surrounding flood plain. There are two roads in to campus from town; one closes fairly quickly with high water and the other takes a high freshet to go under.</p>

<p>The Connecticut floods in the spring with the snow melt up north, or whenever there is a significant amount of rain (usually 4+ inches) up and down the river valley. Generally, the spring freshet does not close the school, although it can cause cancellation or relocation of spring sports for a week or so.</p>

<p>I think many schools are now starting to become "need-blind", meaning they will definitely admit you without peaking at the FA app. first. However, after you are admitted, and the app goes to fa...then they do look at the different apps to decide how to allocate the money. I think needing a very large amount of fa can hurt you because maybe they could admit several students who need smaller amts of aid. This happened to us at a different school the year before last....same situation with a highly recruited athlete. He did not get off the waitlist, but the school said up front that they did not think they would suddently have that kind of money available and did not raise our hopes. They did tell us that if we reapplied the following year, our student would have an excellent chance. We did reapply and we did get the fa we needed.</p>