Loomis new HoS

Loomis new HOS was announced half an hour ago. Zachary G. Lehman who has been serving at the Hill school for the past decade. Personally, I’m not too pleased about the choice. But who knows, maybe someone from Hill can testify against my preconceived notions.

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This will be our 2nd year at Hill and we are sad to see him go… what are your reservations?

diversity related things more than anything. I think I’m more so a bit disappointed that the entirety of our HoS search has been about diversity yet Zach (sorry im going to call him by his first name) is not POC/LGBTQIA/first gen etc. I have also heard a few words about how NPC the school atmosphere at hill is (sorry if this is anything u disagree with, just basef off of what I heard) and I have some reservations about how the new HoS appointment will have effects on LC’s school atmosphere especially since hate crimes have been a bigger issue the past year.

Also on a more lighthearted note I’m close to sheila and we went birdwatching and I doubt the new HoS is a big bird person :sob:

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Thank you for expressing your concerns. I can say that last year (and continuing this year ) there has been a very direct and concerted effort to drive changes and improve on this front with the full support of the HOS. I would also say, that while the HOS has a lot of influence on a school and it’s culture, there are other influences (school’s history, the board, donors, faculty etc.) My son has found him very approachable and he does not shy away from difficult issues or conversations. While I understand you envisioned someone different, give him a chance and I hope you find that he is open to new ideas and supportive of change. He drove a lot of good change at Hill while balancing it’s strong traditions which are important to many of the other influential groups.

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I also want to add, I don’t know how he feels about birds but his dog Rubin is the most popular faculty member on campus.

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I would ask a simple question: How much did Hill’s endowment increase under Lehman?

Other than that The Hill School’s “new visual identity” featuring a sun, mountain and shield was not exactly warmly received. I’m not sure if that was Lehman’s idea or not.

Still, Loomis is poised to be on a par with Hotchkiss, Andover and Exeter etc under Lehman’s direction.