Lopsided SAT Scores

<p>I just took two practice SATs out of the blue book and while I'm a little above 700 in critical reading and writing, I scored a 490 on the math section. I went over both the math sections in the blue book and Grammatix and understood all of the concepts but when I take the test, I draw complete blanks. How can I improve my math score?</p>

<p>Wow, I'm having a lot of trouble with CR and W. The best way to improve math is by practicing.</p>

<p>you would benefit from a book like Princeton Review. For your other 2 sections, just take practice tests...no review book helps a 700+. But for the math try PR...i think it will help you. From what I've heard the math in grammatix is its weak point</p>

<p>Gruber's is good for Math review and practice.</p>