LOR dilemma

<p>My dd14 will be applying to 6 different summer 2012 programs... one is for a study abroad program, 2 are research opportunities and 3 are for pre-college programs...</p>

<p>Of course each one has its own set of requirements and LOR's... the dilemma is... </p>

<p>Each program wants between 1-4 LOR's which means that she will need around 13... </p>

<p>They are vague on which subjects they want LOR's and most state "a teacher who knows you best"... </p>

<p>So my question is... should she ask her current English, both math teachers and her science teacher if they are willing to write LOR's?? What about teachers from freshman year? My thinking is that this would allow her to spread them around and not stress any one teacher out.</p>

<p>DD plans on asking them this week (she doesn't need them til mid January), just as a courtesy, because this is prime time for writing senior LOR's and they would have a 2 month notice.</p>

<p>Any ideas??</p>

<p>The teachers can always send a LOR to more than one program. Ditto when it comes time for college apps. Most teachers will address the letter "to whom it may concern" or change the name of the school/program but use the same body of the letter. My personal preference for recs is to ask teachers/mentors who can speak personally about your student (vs. head of the department, famous bigwig, etc.).</p>

<p>My kids used to include a little bio about themselves and why they were applying to XXX, just to help give the teachers a little context. Might also help trigger some examples of why your D would be a good fit in this program. If there's a one-page blurb about each program, that might not be a bad idea.</p>

<p>Teachers REALLY appreciate a long lead time, even if they don't always get to take advantage of it. Pre-addressed envelopes and stamps are also appropriate. She should follow up about three weeks before apps are due. Just a quick email with "I really appreciate you agreeing to write a LOR for my app to XXX. I just wanted to check to see if you need anything else from me before the XX/XX/XX deadline." Teachers <em>do</em> get rec fatigue, esp. since at many schools, these letters are done on personal time.</p>

<p>Good luck to your D and hurray for her being so on the ball and proactive!</p>

<p>This will be a less stressful thing for teachers who do not teach any junior or senior classes (they are flooded with requests for letters from current seniors right now). Good that she is giving them lead time if any of them teach those years! Agree that she can ask them for a letter that can be used for multiple programs, but she should give them some background so they can tailor the contents for the types of programs she is looking at.</p>

<p>THANK YOU very much for your responses! We don't want to overwhelm the teachers! I will definitely make sure she places an updated resume in their mailboxes... It looks like she will have to do a spreadsheet to keep up with all the apps,essays + LOR's!!</p>