LORD OF GREATNESS disallows vindications

<p>i've been accepted to ucsb with completely only half of major requirements. and some people on this thread said that major requirements is the ESSENTIAL factor in admittance... well, i just proved u wrong.. gpa is worth higher boys.. i had 4.0</p>


some people on this thread said that major requirements is the ESSENTIAL factor in admittance... well, i just proved u wrong


<p>Your theory is disproven when it comes to much impacted majors such as communications and economics.</p>

<p>$^@$%@% you kept debating with us which type of history major you should choose since your CC didn't offer the courses...and we kept telling you it's fine, don't worry about not having the course requirements.</p>

<p>sauronvoldemort = Dwight Schrute in his younger years.</p>

<p>wow, walnut u remembered that...i recalled none of that when i wrote this thread.</p>

<p>what's passai? i like my LORD OF GREATNESS better. charizard copied by style....Prince of Art...what kind of name is that..</p>

<p>^ You are not of nobile birth. You could not possibilly appreciate my genius word-craft. From this noble heart, blue-blood gushed forth to cleanse the word of the written-word! I'll start with the alphabet. IThat alphabet has gotta go....Socrates was right. It has done nothing good for society-look at the laziness that it has propigated- people no longer can recite the Illiad from memory over a course of 5 nights. And the emotion is lost in transcription into the written word. We must remove the alphabet, and born all literature! For who needs literature if its already in your brain?! I</p>

<p>...man, I'm so lost after reading a fews post on this thread...so lost.</p>

<p>what's your pokemon pal #?</p>

<p>Each post in this thread looks like bayesian-filter-choking spam.</p>

<p>fulfill more fundraising, social, and community service activities. We need
an events committee that I would be very pleased to have you participate in
and be a part of. If anyone on the list who has an Calmail account would like to take
over as owner, please write to <a href="mailto:consult@berkeley.edu">consult@berkeley.edu</a> However, we also need one devoted individual to help head
it up. Leo is doing a spectacular service by recruiting scholarship
sponsors. But we also need someone to take re</p>

<p>I wrote to that email address but I didn't get a reply?! And a Demon in the Mail wrote me back, echoing every word that I had sent to another email address! What's going on? I wrot e it to: よく話す@BERKLEY.EDU. Why didn't it go through?!</p>

<p>Clean socks are a must.</p>