Lord of the Rings Vs A game of Thrones Vs Harry Potter

<p>I'd say Harry,
But only because I think the rings is boring and Game of thrones not as interesting...</p>

<p>Lord of the Rings is boring? Maybe the book has too many trivia details, but the movie is EPIC</p>

<p>Lawl, why these three? There are dozens of other great fantasy novels out there.</p>

<p>LotR >> Harry Potter</p>

<p>I haven't read Game of Thrones (well, I did read a few chapters a month ago) so I can't really judge.</p>

<p>If we're playing "Which of these is not like the others" I'm going with Game of Thrones.</p>

<p>Really, if we're playing "Which of these is not like the others" I would go Harry. Because as much as I love Harry Potter, it does not create a whole new world as expansive as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.</p>

<p>My ranking
LotR>>>>>>>>>>Game of Thrones></p>

<p>Well, the Harry Potter books are absolutely amazing, and definitely beat out LotR for the top spot on my bookshelf, but the LotR movies are SO much better. They're beautiful and epic. And also quite funny sometimes.</p>

<p>If you are going by series, I think you mean to say A Song of Ice and Fire.</p>

<p>I prefer that one, personally.</p>

<p>Harry Potter is just a godly series. By far my favorite movie series.</p>

<p>Lord of the Rings definitely for me. I haven't even watched the movies yet while I have seen both the Harry Potter books and movies. Lotr is so epic.</p>

<p>Lord of the Rings > A Song of Ice and Fire >>>>>>>>>>>>> Harry Potter</p>

<p>I've always been a huge Harry Potter fan...But that being said I've never read the other two, and have only seen one LotR movie. But I'm planning on reading them over the summer.
Did everyone see the new HP trailer though??? :)</p>

<p>This shouldn't even be an issue... HP>everything..</p>

This shouldn't even be an issue... HP>everything..


...For children.</p>

<p>I disagree ):</p>

<p>Oh my gosh. I love them all. The books that is.
Books: HP > ASOIAF > LotR
Movies (or, TV show...) LotR >>> everything.</p>

<p>I am not going to argue this because I'll get super mad and defensive. But, Harry Potter hands down.</p>