Los Angeles city college

<p>Anyone go there? Is it good, bad, easy, hard? Good faculty?</p>

<p>And I know someone will probably recommend that I go to smcc but that might not be an option due to me not having a car. </p>

<p>Also, what are the chances of getting into a summer trigonometry class for a new student? Will I be able to get the classes I need during the fall as a new student?</p>

<p>I'm taking a Poli Sci course there and it's pretty hard. The teachers there are either really good or really bad, I've noticed.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that if you go to ANY of the 9 colleges in the LACCD (LA Community College District), you can sign up for and take classes at any of them. :) That's what I've done for the last 2 years and I love it. For example, this spring semester, I'm taking 12 units at Pierce (3 of which are online), 3 units online @ LA City, and 3 units online @ Harbor. A lot of people don't know that you can work the system like this, but you can!</p>

<p>It's worth checking out, especially since you don't have a car, and there are a LOT more online offerings than people think. ----> [url=<a href="http://www.laccd.edu/our_colleges/%5DLACCD%5B/url"&gt;http://www.laccd.edu/our_colleges/]LACCD[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>(Note: SMC is NOT in the LACCD, for those who might wonder)</p>

<p>And as to your other question, classes for a new student are rougher than ever. Just don't get your hopes set on a certain schedule, be flexible, have a lot of contingency classes in mind, take the online route if you need to/can, and whatever you do, be respectful toward the teachers you're trying to add if you have to go that route. A lot of students show up on the first day, say rudely, "Um, are you adding people?" and then they get all huffy and walk out if the teacher says no or maybe. You NEVER know what could happen- some teachers are really flexible and love a good sob story. Others add by lottery. It just depends. Be prepared for a very hectic first week.</p>

<p>LACC has it's good professors and it's bad 1/2 your class will be gone by the end of the semester on average and theres a definate lack of really motivated students compared to SMC </p>

<p>however if you are dedicated the teachers there do care and work hard to help you understand material you might be confused about.</p>

<p>Good thing about LACC, i've never had trouble rushing a class. The teachers WANT to add you and WILL add you which is really nice.</p>

<p>Make sure to go to LACC for 1 semester pref this spring before starting so you can get priority registration or else you might be stuck with the bad teachers. ratemyprofessor your schedule and you should be good</p>

<p>Trick to adding classes - Show up early for the class -sit in class like a normal student and only when the teacher says whois trying to add do you say anything. They only say no if you interrupt their class then ask like "can i addddd ? " they get annoyed at that but are reasonable if you do it discreetly</p>

<p>I want to enroll there this upcoming fall, and also thisnsummer if possible...</p>

<p>Does it make any difference if I have units from another college? By the end of this semester I'll have 26.5 units completed from irvine valley college. </p>

<p>Also, does lacc have an honors program I could get into from my IRvine gpa? Maybe I could get priority registration that way.</p>

<p>You would need to set up an appointment with the honor person Hector Agulara i think very nice counselor and he can hook you up with the info you can make an appointment on the website.</p>

<p>Having honors doesn't grant you priority registration but it does allow you to sign up for honor courses which is basically the same course as normal but with 1-2 extra essays per class(Very easy). So you would get priority in that sense but there is not honors for every class and you need 18 units to qualify for TAP so definately see what classes you can take iirc the avaiable clases for honors is </p>

<p>Calc 1+2+3 (5 units each)
Phil/Anthro/Eng1+2/Sociology and a few other S.S iirc (3 units) </p>

<p>So if your in a math heavy major ala Econ you can take calc 1+2 honors which means extra math problems and essays on math and proofs and random stuff and 3 social sciences classes or 1 social science class if you need calc 3 </p>

<p>But ya honors doesn't get priority registration unless it's for the honors section</p>

<p>how about EOPS? Having an EFC of 0 means i'll eligible, but then again I couldnt get in Irvine EOPS bc they werent accepting any new ppl due to budget cuts.</p>


<p>I dont think I could handle honors math classes. If I do TAP i probably wont do any honors math/science.</p>

<p>Do the math but take it with Professor Kendis or Mardosian or else you're screwed with Soo /lee/ nicholacav(sp?) </p>

<p>Math honor is actually one of the easier ones. With profesor Kendis he gives you extra problems to do for extra homework that are kinda fun and relates to the stuff your doing. </p>

<p>Mardosian does a good job with it too although i hadn't personally taken it with him, but i've heard great things </p>

<p>Biggest thing about LACC is do your research and plan your schedule accordingly the teachers are hit or miss and your best bet is to do your research before hand. </p>

<p>Doing all that i've had a great 2 years at LACC and the place has REALLY upgraded their facilities with new buildings opening up and is very nice</p>

<p>Also random trivial-- The NBC show Community is filmed on LACC's campus and is a great show</p>

<p>Hey are there summer 2010 classes? It doesn't mention any summer sessions in the Schedules section of their site. This is not good :(</p>

<p>LACC cut most of their summer classes.</p>

<p>One benefit of the LA Community college District is that if you don't have a car, they sell buss passes for the whole semester that cost about 20 bucks. You could easily ride the metro to other community colleges like LAVC which has a metro stop right in front of the school. You could benefit by this as you will have more classes to choose from. Or even LA Trade Tech.</p>

<p>Generally speaking, getting a trig class during the summer is contingent on you having met the pre-req for the class and that there is a trig class offered. It is important that you submit your transcripts from your previous community college sooner than later as to not prevent you from enrolling in classes whose pre-reqs you fulfilled at your previous school.</p>

<p>Is June 7th a bad registration date? I'm getting really worried, all the Bio classes are already full and I was planning to do Bio for IGETC. </p>

<p>Also, I went to LACC a couple days ago. It wasn't the prettiest campus but I wasn't expecting much, and the counselor I talked to was an a$$hole.</p>

<p>take my advice and take Anthro with bartlet for Igetc 1 midterm 1 final make up a majority of your grade and 50% of the test is based on essays which are actually kinda easy. </p>

<p>I found the class easy got 95%+. </p>

<p>Also you can rush any class at LACC i've never had any issue.</p>

<p>Also every counselor is pretty HORRIBLE except for Hector Agulara(sp?) but something close to that. Definately schedule your counseling appointments with him. He also handles the honor program so definately look into that.</p>

<p>The honors program at LACC is basically 1 extra essay in a "honors" class in a normal class. You don't even have different classes but you sign up for classes using different numbers so you actually kinda get priority registration</p>

<p>hahahaha they use the campus for the show "Community" they have to CGI all the names on the buildings and the...P.A. system isnt real! hahaha
and it smells like p i s s.</p>

<p>i loved my experience at City. i took 12 units there one time...it was an experience....but yeah the staff is somewhat "meh"
i have a way with people so i cant complain much about how d0uchey people are...somehow i get everything i need...</p>

<p>anyways i recommend my favorite instructor there... he is in the English Department, Joe Ryan. i took him for Shakespeare I and II (English 215 and 216)...crazy old cat...but he makes you work for your grade... awesome take him if you have the chance because he will prepare you for UC level work...out of all my CCC instructors he is in my top 3.</p>

<p>he taught me one very true thing...everything in life is about holes and poles even the finest literature and prettiest poem...its all about holes and poles. </p>

<p>good luck at City, they have a great parking structure and library now! :)</p>

<p>thanks for recommending professors.....i'll make sure to look into them. </p>

<p>How important are the two letters of recommendation for Scholars????? I don't know if I could get those; I'm the kind of kid who just hands in his work and leaves...</p>