Losing Connection with friends??

<p>I'm a freshman at a pretty large sized city school, and I got lucky to be paired up with a pretty awesome roommate. We may not have a lot in common, but we definitely work well together, which is the main reason why we decided to room together next year, along with my other friend. (and because my lottery number is great). This semester, my roommate decided to rush a frat, so he hasn't been around all that much, and I've been left to hang out with my other friend and the rest of my social circle. The other day, my friend (the one who I've been hanging out with) and I were talking about frats, when he told me that he was considering rushing next semester (the same frat my current roommate is in). Seeing how I went to an all guys high school, I've never gotten the urge to join a frat, and I feel that things will be a whole lot different next year once both of my friends will be fratting it up, leaving me to be the "outcast". I haven't really been one to party at frats (I like house partys more), so I'm worried about how next year will turn out, since I won't really have that many guy friends to hang out with. (I didnt really relate to the guys on my floor this year, so I didnt get the chance to make as many guy friends as I wanted). What should i do?</p>

<p>Make new friends obviously.</p>