Losing hope for dream school

Hi everyone, I’m a community college student hoping to transfer to UCSD for CompE. I have a cumulative gpa between 3.2-3.5. I haven’t calculated it because I go to multiple CCs. I also have 7 Ws.

I’m losing hope for even desiring to go to grad school, let alone transferring. My grades look mediocre (As, Bs, Cs), dropping a class every semester shows that I’m not capable or dedicated.

I want to stop blaming my mental health, abusive parents, and huge lifestyle mistakes I made in the past. I sometimes hang that over my head when I should just get up and overcome my obstacles.

Is there any hope for me?

Do as well as you can this semester. Do not worry about anything beyond this semester. Attend every class, keep ahead in your class work, and see what you can do.

The dream is YOU- not where you go. Dad gives great advice. Break it down into baby steps. Tonight- do your homework and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow- go to class. Take notes, and email the professor or TA for clarification on anything you don’t understand. Do your homework and get a good night’s sleep.


It’s not rocket science, you just have to break it into tiny chunks. And if you don’t go to UCSD but end up somewhere else that allows you to achieve your life’s goals- that’s ALSO a victory!!!

You can do this.