Losing hope...

<p>I just finished my freshman year as a mechanical engineering student and I have to say that it was rough. Overall this year I got B's in calc II and III. I got a c in physics I, b in chem I, and c+ in chem II. And this was with a lot of hard work and effort. I'm starting to lose hope in my ability to be an engineer. My gpa from this year is a 2.8. I also took a cad class which I hated, and a computer programming class which I got a b in. I guess my question is, if I'm struggling this much now, is it worth it to continue? I know it will only get harder and I would love to be an engineer but I dont know if I actually can do it. I don't want to be stuck with a bad gpa senior year and not be able to get a job/internship. I feel like the only way I would get a job would be because I'm a girl, and therefore a minority in the engineering field. I don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience, but if you have please share!! Any advice is greatly needed!! Thanks</p>

<p>I feel the same way but I mean why quit? You already did all that work trying to do engineering why just give up? You'll probably get better as you go on now that you know how hard it is and it probably gets eaiser when you start doing stuff in your major. Unless you really hated it you shouldn't quit, I had a TA that told he graduated with a 2.6 and still got looks for jobs. I have the same feeling but we've barely gotten into the real engineering aspect we're still doing the weedout things. In my opinion quiting on it now just means you didn't really wanna do it in the first place. My GPA is worst and I believe that if I show my dedication and that I really tried hard then there is nobody that can tell me they won't hire me.</p>

<p>Hang in there. Engineering degrees aren't easy to come by as the first two years are normally weeding classes (Calcs, Chems, Physics, Thermo, etc). After that, it should be a piece of cake!</p>

<p>epirote, engineering prereqs are a pain in the butt - especially if you're taking college chem AND physics for engineers at the same time! </p>

<p>Hey, you've got some Cs - this isn't English, a C in those classes means you know what you needed to know. A B in those classes is even better, an A can be a real pain in the butt to get. </p>

<p>When you get into the upper div classes you'll probably like them :) But I don't know! That's your choice (heck, I'm not there myself yet).</p>

<p>I did the same thing my freshmen year and took the honors calc seq, physics, and chem both semesters. that was a mistake. i don't think i really learned how to study until my sophomore year. looking back i probably could have handled that schedule now, but as a freshmen there was no reason to take so many difficult classes together. in the end my freshmen year motivated me all the more. i've gotten above a 3.5 every semester since then.</p>