Losing Interest in Rice

<p>As the title suggests, Rice seemed like a good fit for me when I applied. However, as I've visited many of my potential schools' campuses, Rice seems to be losing its position on my list.</p>

<p>Will Rice VISION 2013 reinvigorate my interest in the school seeing as I haven't visited Rice yet? Also, if it will, my family would have to pay $200 even with the $400 reimbursement. All unexcused absences are counted against me by my school, even college visits. I'd have to use a day, which could cause me to lose my senior exemption status for second semester finals, especially since I still have to visit a few colleges that I've already been accepted to. </p>

<p>I've been told that the fact I've been invited means I will likely be accepted, but it's not a guarantee. Assessing my entire situation, is VISION 2013 really worth it for me or should I wait until I hopefully receive an acceptance letter before attending?</p>

<p>Any help or advice would be much appreciated.</p>

<p>I think should go. You will spend time with current students, stay in the dorm and attend classes.</p>

<p>Four years ago my Owl was a hs senior. After many college visits across several states, he was done. To summarize his feelings- he visited big, small, private, and public. It was time to apply. Any further college visits would be decided after his acceptances. He applied to several schools sight unseen simply based on research. Rice was one of those schools. He was accepted, made his first visit during Owl days, and knew that was the place for him.</p>

<p>I agree with BrooklyninOh (by the way BrooklyninOh-we are from Chagrin Falls, Oh). My daughter also had used all her college visit days and was worried how this might end if she took any more days. She worried her grades might suffer if there was work she couldn’t make up (she ended up Valedictorian, anyway). I urged her to go, she went and had a great time. However, I do not think this was the deal breaker for her. There were a lot of factors that decided Rice was the one! Other acceptances, scholarships, location, etc., She LOVES Rice and we now know this was the right place. If you can go to Owl Days after acceptance I would do that and not jeapordize anything at school. I am sure you will end up at the right place in the end. Good Luck!</p>

<p>I recommend that you certainly visit the school that you plan on attending. If Rice comes down to your final two choices, then it is worth visiting. @ricehopkins mom: we are from Shaker Heights!</p>

<p>OP - There is a chat on Tuesday for Visions. My DD was also invited and plans to attend. She is going to be on chat just to make sure and then I am booking her airfare. We had nonrefundable tickets that weekend that we are not using because of what we have read from others about prior Vision weekends. I expect April to be a blur, so it would be nice to experience Rice prior and make the decision if it is a fit or not so you can truly on your other options.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>