Lost action card, can we get in?

<p>Am just now reading the information we got in the mail this week. It says that the student needs to check in as soon as they get to move-in with their CWID number and action card. My son lost his wallet along with his action card. I called the office and someone will be there Sunday but not until 1pm. We are supposed to move in at 9am. Anyone know if this is going to be a problem???</p>

<p>The RA's doing check in will probably ask to see his Action Card, but another form of ID should work. They understand that some people might lose their Action Card over the summer or forget to have it on them during that time. The front door to the building will likely be propped open for move-in anyway, so no worries about getting into the building before he gets his replacement Action Card.</p>

<p>Thanks so much SEA_tide!</p>