Lost and need some guidance. Want to pursue medicine, what college should I pick? (3.5 GPA)

In Georgia btw.My parents do have money, I can’t say we are rich because we don’t live a ridiculous lavish lifestyle, but we spend a good bit either way. They want me to go to CA, regardless of where I go though, they support my journey of majoring in bio and taking the pre med track (yes I know its just a bunch of courses added on the major).

So my question is, where should I go to college. Parents say CA, my dad doesn’t want me going to a uni like Georgia State and would rather I major in bio at a nicer college in CA but it will cost alot. It’s going to be hard anywhere I go and I don’t think I’m going to try for med school in CA because of how ridiculously hyped all the med schools there are. I just need some colleges in the 35% - 50% acceptance rate range that I could probably get into.

Also how can I improve my college app? I have no EC’s other than FBLA and HOSA state competitions.

It would be better to attend a lower cost undergraduate school to save money and avoid debt, because medical school is expensive. Also, staying in state will make it easier to travel to interviews at in state public medical schools that you will probably apply to for their lower costs.

Why do your parents want you to go to California? And more importantly, do you want to go to California? If not, where would you be interested in going? (Not necessarily what state; urban, suburban or rural? A huge state school, a small liberal arts college, or something in between?)

Also, what are your standardized test scores? It’s difficult to suggest schools without knowing your scores as they are a crucial component in the admissions process at so many schools.

In any case, I think it would be wise to start your search by looking into your state schools - Georgia Tech and UGA are particularly strong.

If you really think med school is in your future, then you need to keep your debt down. If your parents might help with med school expenses if you can go to a less expensive undergrad option, that would be another bonus. Maybe run net price calculators on a variety of schools with their help (found on the school websites). Try your in-state public options, then California UCs. Maybe add a few private schools in as well. Your parents might not have internalized just how expensive college has gotten in recent years! Maybe price out a couple of med schools as well to show them that cost. The dollar signs may bring them up short on the idea that you should spend a lot extra on undergrad.

They want me to go to CA,

Bring your parents to this thread.

No OOS premed should go to college in California. None!

As a Georgia student you qualify for the HOPE scholarship if you have a gpa of 3.0 or better (plus some other qualifying classes) or with a 3.7 the Zell (which is full tuition to public in state colleges). Everyone I know who is a physician says do not spend your money on undergraduate, and do not go to a college that will kill your gpa.

I’d say go to UGA and crush it with your GPA, then look farther afield for med school. We know several excellent doctors here that graduated from the medical school of georgia. They’re doing very well. They rub elbows (in their practice) with the docs who graduated from places like JHU.

I don’t think you’d qualify for any financial aid for CA schools, but I am not an expert there. I do know they’re super overcrowded and have changed their financial aid policies recently to be more favorable to in state students.

Parents say CA, my dad doesn’t want me going to a uni like Georgia State



GSU?? Why not UGA??

and would rather I major in bio at a nicer college in CA>>>>


what colleges in Calif does your dad consider to be nicer and desirable?

Does your dad know what a bad idea it is to go OOS to a Calif college as a premed??



but it will cost alot. It’s going to be hard anywhere I go and I don’t think I’m going to try for med school



They why go to college there??

in CA because of how ridiculously hyped all the med schools there are.


??? What does that mean? How are Calif med schools more hyped than those elsewhere?

I just need some colleges in the 35% - 50% acceptance rate range that I could probably get into.


Again, which are the schools that your parents want?

Med school is hyped up EVERYWHERE. There are no med schools in the US that are easy to get into, period, including those at colleges you may not even have heard of.

Don’t med schools look at your class rank as well? So would I be better off at Georgia State? UGA seems harder to get into now that everyone in georgia applies there. I’m going to try and aim for it, but it’ll be tough since I don’t have a 3.7 + which is what UGA mostly accepts nowdays. Pretty low on EC’s and I’ve only taken 2 AP’s so far. Plan on taking a good bit next year to make up for my lower gpa.

Of the kids who start college as premed, most will change their minds for a variety of reasons. Of those that apply, 60% will not start at any med school. In last cycle median GPA of applicants was 3.55, 3.70 for those that started.med school. Just as you suggest your 3.5 GPA appears problematic for UGA, do you expect to do better than your hs 3.5 GPA while in college as it will be very important if you apply to med school? I am not asking for an answer or trying to dash your hopes, just offering food for thought. Agreeing with above, look at instate first and consider where you’ll fit in as if you’re happy you’re more likely to do well GPA wise.

Class rank will not be important for med school. Good luck

Take some time and explore other in-state options like GCSU and kennesaw state. GA State is a solid school, nobody’s going to look down on it (at least, nobody with any sense). It can be challenging to live in that part of Atlanta, and the feel of the urban campus is not for everyone.

I agree that UGA has become a very competitive school, and they are getting a lot of the high stats Zell kids. However, if you get some excellent test scores and keep a high rigor in your choices for next year, I think you could have a shot there.

Unless your parents are straight up wealthy, it is really hard to cash flow all that out of state education. Focus on what you can be good at given what level you’re performing at right now, and take it one step at a time. Don’t set yourself up for failure-set yourself up for success. Less debt, good gpa, those things will help you get on the right path to where you want to go.

There’s also Georgia Southern. Has a similar feel to UGA, but is less competitive for admission. University of North Georgia is a potential option, too. More similar to GCSU in a lot of ways.

And now there is Augusta University, which is the combo of the old Medical School of Georgia/Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University. I’m not sure what the quality of the school will be - no one really is yet. Augusta State was a less competitive regional campus before the merger.

And if your parents really wanted you to go out of state, there are cheaper places closer by than CA - University of Alabama has quite a lot of GA residents, and then there are regional campuses in South Carolina that can be relatively inexpensive. Clemson USC, UF, and Alabama are $20-25,000 per year cheaper than the UCs.

As mentioned above, no one can make realistic suggestions for colleges without knowing your test scores. In the meantime, if your parents want you to apply to a UC or Cal State, you will need to recalculate your GPA. If your GPA was pulled down by your 9th grade year or by lower grades in non-academic courses, then the UC-GPA will work in your favor. If your UC-GPA is still in the 3.5 range, then UC is probably not realistic for a biology major, except perhaps for Merced. Also, make sure they have seen the price tag for out of state students.

no way really? I was a solid 3.5 to 3.7 from sophomore up, but I got 2 c’s in 2 honors classes in 9th lol.

There are private schools in California that will take you happily if you are a full-pay student. (Meaning, $63,000+ per year).

good to know about the class rank. Also I hate saying the “I know” phrase, but I know for a fact that I will be working harder, I’m not planning to party for the first year, looking to make a strong base and adjust my schedule accordingly and then I’d take breaks. Really trying to take it seriously cause GPA means almost everything when applying to med schools.

Biology is a competitive major. The fact that your C grades came in 9th grade is good since they won’t factor into a UC GPA. If your family is serious about you attending a UC or CSU, take some time to understand how the admissions process works. It’s very well documented on the university websites.