Lost in my UC statement??

<p>Seeing my mother lying in the hospital bed and watching her develop a back pain that needed surgery made me realize what I want to pursue in life; working in the medical field. This field of interest developed even further during my senior year of high school when one of my most important friends tried to commit suicide. This made a big impact on me because it motivated me to strive harder for this career. I know that this career is the most challenging one to take on because there is thousands of other people that are also fighting for the same exact spot. Knowing this is intimidating but I will not give up because working in this field is life changing and rewarding. The senior year of my high school was when I was certain that this is what I want to do in life. </p>

<p>That is my intro and i have no idea what to write for my next paragraph??
Any ideas/suggestions?</p>

<p>First things first, you have to explore a bit more how mother in hospital bed leads to “I want to be a doctor.” I’ve heard that story countless times, and it doesn’t say much about anything. </p>

<p>What was it about the situation that made you want to be in the medical field? In other words, develop the causation a bit more. For me, it might work like this:</p>

<li>Grandpa is in hospital, surrounded by family after a heart attack.</li>
<li>Doctor walks in.</li>
<li>Doctor speaks in calm, clear manner. Explains situation in a way we can understand without talking down. </li>
<li>Doctor fields our questions and concerns with knowledgeable answers.</li>
<li>We all settle on a treatment plan. No heart surgery.</li>
<li>I realize that even though my grandpa is not “cured,” our family can rest easier tonight knowing we made the best decision for his well being. </li>
<li>The doctor brought about this peace of mind, not by saving my grandpa (he didn’t even touch him) but by having an informed discussion with his family.</li>
<li>I care about how I can ease not only an individual’s ailment, but also ease the stresses that concerned family and friends feel. </li>
<li>I want to use my intellect and compassion to make people feel better about life.</li>
<li>I want to be a doctor.<br></li>

<p>I can analyze it even further if I wanted to. The fact is, no one wants to be a doctor because the one time their uncle was in the hospital. They want to be a doctor because of something specific that happened there. Maybe it wasn’t one thing, but a general “feel” or impression. Whatever it was, explore that. Your essay will most likely write itself at that point.</p>